September YA Programs @ Lewis Library!!

Bertha Williams

September 2017


Adult Program


Scrabble Time

First Tuesday

Sept 5 **New Day**

Time: 2:00pm

Description: Come over to Bertha Williams Library and play Scrabble with us. We have plenty of dictionaries for you to brush up on your vocabulary and the Jumble in the Montgomery Advertiser is helpful too! See how sharp your Scrabble skills are against the librarians or just play for fun!


Author Talk with Julian McPhillips

Sept 13

Time: 10:00am

Description: Join us for a discussion of Julian McPhillips’s previous book Civil Rights in my Bones as well as his upcoming work. Some refreshment will be provided.


Author Bio: Julian L. McPhillips Jr. was born in Birmingham, Alabama, grew up in Cullman, and attended Sewanee Military Academy, Princeton, and Columbia University Law. After four years as a Wall Street attorney, Julian returned to Alabama in 1975 as an Assistant Attorney General. His private law practice from 1977 to date has involved considerable civil rights and public interest work. Julian is the subject of the twice-published People’s Lawyer, 2000 and 2005, and an autobiography, Civil Rights in My Bones. He has won numerous awards from the SCLC, NAACP, and other civil rights groups. Julian is also co-founder (with his wife Leslie) of the Scott and Zelda Museum and lay minister/administrator of Christ the Redeemer Episcopal Church. Julian has been married to Leslie for 42 years. They have two married daughters, Rachel and Grace, one son David, and three grandchildren.


Rosa Parks Page Turners Book Club

Second Wednesday

Sept 13

Time: 11:00am

Title: Pegasus

Author: Danielle Steel

Description: Danielle Steel tells the story of a family reinventing itself in America, while the country they left behind is engulfed in flames and madness, and men like Alex von Hemmerle are forced to make unbearable choices. Alex’s daughter will find sanctuary in England. In America, Nick will find love, his sons will find a future, and their left-behind world will eventually find them. A novel of hope and sacrifice, of tragedy, challenge, and rebirth, Pegasus is a brilliant family chronicle that unfolds across half a century—a masterwork from one of our most beloved writers. ~Dust Jacket


Genealogy Sessions

Fridays (except holidays)

10:30-11:15 AND 2:30-3:15


Pre-registration IS required.

Sign up for a one on one genealogy session with librarian Amy Campbell. She’ll show you beginning tips and tricks for tracing your ancestry. If you’ve already been working on your tree, find ways to digitize your information to keep better track during your research. Email, Call, or come in to set up your 45 minute session.




Young Adult Programs

Mid-Afternoon Movie

Third Friday

Sept 15

Time: 3:00pm

Joins us for a mid afternoon movie after work or school. Bring snacks, suggest titles for future viewings, talk with friends or make new ones. Movies will be PG-13 rating or lower, but parents are responsible for researching movie before allowing children to view.


Movie: Doctor Strange (PG-13)

Run time: 1h55min


Children’s Programs


Mondays and Tuesdays

Time: 10:00 AM


All storytimes will include song and dance so we can keep our bodies as active as our minds!



Sir Pete the Brave (Dean) is here to save the day! Little does he know The Dragon is Coming (Gorbachev)!


11 & 12

The Three Little Pigs (Zemach) are trying to build their homes without being bothered by a pesky wolf, while The Three Billy Goats Gruff (Rounds) just want to get home without being bothered by pesky trolls.


18 & 19

If You Give a Cat a Cupcake (Numeroff) he may ask you How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food (Yolen) and then you’ll have to come to story time to find out.


25 & 26

Piglet and Papa (Wild) love each other, but sometimes those messages get missed. But it’s alright, because I Love It When You Smile (McBratney).



Coliseum Boulevard Library Announces September Events!!

Story Time

840 Coliseum Blvd.


Thursday at 10:00 am


Sept. 1     No Story Time Today


Sept. 8     It is fun to have a pet!

“The Old Man and the Flea”, by Mary Elizabeth Hanson

An old man and his pet flea have wonderful times together until the townspeople

think he is talking to himself.

“Mary Had a Little Lamb”, by Sarah Josepha Hale

This is a contemporary interpretation of the original nursery rhyme about a lamb

going to school.

Craft – Lamb masks


Sept. 15   After a full day, it is good to take a nap!

“Monkey and Me”, by Emily Gravett

A little girl and her toy monkey love imitating different animals and then they fall

fast asleep.

“Roger Loses His Marbles”, by Susanna Gretz

When Aunt Lulu pays a visit, she stays in Roger’s room and tidies it up, which makes

Roger mad, until she finds something that Roger lost.  Then, after playing with the

items, they fall fast asleep.

Craft – Monkey masks


Sept. 22   We depend on others when we are sick!

“Clark the Shark:  Tooth Trouble”, by Bruce Hale

When a soccer ball hits Clark the Shark’s tooth, it becomes loose and he has to go to

the dentist.

“Teddy Bears Cure a Cold”, by Susanna Gretz

The teddy bears help William cure his cold.

Craft – Shark masks


Sept. 29   Let’s learn to love each other!

“Good Night, Little Sea Otter”, by Janet Halfmann

Little Sea Otter tries everything to avoid going to sleep, including saying good night to

all of the creatures above and below the ocean’s surface.

“Sister Yessa’s Story”, by Karen Greenfield

Dark clouds gather as Yessa walks to her brother’s place, telling a story as she goes

about the early days of the earth.

Craft – Otter masks


Parent/Preschool Activity Table

Every three weeks we will have a new activity to enhance the five senses and further develop your child’s thought processes. This is an activity where the parent and child explore together.


Homework Assistance

Our program meets every Tuesday from 5:00 – 5:45 pm. Our tutors offer assistance in Math,

English, and Reading. Students in grades 1 – 12 are invited.  Please bring your own materials and homework, or the lessons you will need assistance with.

Registration is required of students, and adults who are interested in tutoring are invited to assist, with pre-registration required.


Lego League

Lego League is offered the first and third Tuesday in September. (September 6, September 20)

4:00 – 5:00 pm

Come join the fun and creativity as we build with Legos!

We will have a special Legos on September 13, 4:00-5:00.


Outside the Lines

4:00 – 5:00 pm

September 12 – Join Mr. Wes as we color our animal masks.

September 13 – Join Ms. Kesha as we build with Legos.

September 14 – Join Ms. Sharon as we learn using the Parent/Preschool Activity Table.

September 15 – Join Ms. Cherlyn as we color using coloring sheets.

September 16 – Join Mr. Wes and Ms. Sharon as we celebrate our favorite book with a Chalk Art design.


Parent/Preschool Activity Table

Every three weeks we will have a new activity to enhance the five senses and further develop your child’s thought processes. This is an activity where the parent and child explore together.


Coliseum Coloring Club

All ages

This will be offered the first and third Thursday of each month from 4:00 – 5:30 pm.

September 1 and September 15.

Come join our coloring club. Adult level coloring sheets, children’s coloring sheets, crayons, and colored pencils will be provided.

Studies have shown this can be a great stress reducer. Come relax with us!


Adult Book Clubs

  • Southern Charms Book Club3:00 – 4:00 pm 


  1. Today we will be discussing “A Land More Kind than Home”, by Wiley Cash. This is a story of two young brothers growing up in a small town whose adventures bring them danger and evil, while also giving them the possibility of freedom and deliverance as well. Then, we will receive our book for October titled, “A Parchment of Leaves”, by Silas House, a story of a Cherokee woman and a young white man who strive to make a home for themselves in early 1900 America.
  2. September 8, 2016
  3. Eastbrook Mystery Book Club3:00 – 4:00 pm
  4. Today we will discuss “The Fifth Gospel”, by Ian Caldwell. This is a story of sacrifice, forgiveness, and redemption with references to real-life people, places, and events. If you like intellectual thrillers, you will want to read this story of biblical history.
  5. September 22, 2016

Coliseum Adult Program

September 21, 2016

10:00 am

Safe and Sound on Solid Ground

Debbie Link will be presenting a new program that assists the disabled and seniors who are of need during a crisis.

Lilly Henderson-Harold will also be here to share her experience as a handicapped individual who suffered loss during a storm crisis. She will have her book, “Memories to Cling”, which describes her ordeal during a time such as this.


Weaving for Beginners

September 7, 2016

10:00 am

Barbara Hightower will be teaching weaving as we learn how to make a wall hanging. Please bring your own yarn as only limited yarn will be on hand. Also, bring any projects you are working on that you would like to share.


Computer Class for Seniors

10:00 am

September 14, 2016 – Usage of the mouse and setting up an email account.

September 28, 2016 – Composing and sending email messages, and a look at Microsoft Word

Pre-registration is required as space is limited.


Banned Book Week

September 26 – 30, 2016

Have an exciting “blind date” with a banned book.  They will be wrapped in newspaper with only the genre and publication date listed.  See which book you have selected, and after you have read the book,  give us your opinion as to whether you agree that your book should have been placed on the banned book list.



We have an adult level puzzle on a table at all times. Come and help put our community puzzles together.