April Story Times @ Pintlala Library

Pintlala Branch Library

April 2017   STORY TIME

255 Federal Rd.

Hope Hull, AL 36043

334 281-8069


Mrs. Sandra Berry, Librarian








April 3, 2017 @ 1:00 Kindergarten

             BOOK: “My Garden”  by: Kevin Henkes

                        Synopsis —-   The girl in this book grows chocolate rabbits, tomatoes as big as

beach balls, flowers that change color, and seashells in her garden.                                                   How does your garden grow?

            ACTIVITY: The students will make flowers out of cupcake holders


April 4, 2017 @ 11:30 Pre-K

             BOOK: “Pete the Cat: Rocking in my School Shoes”  by: Eric Litwin

                        Synopsis —-  Pete the Cat is back—and this time he’s rocking in his school shoes.

Pete  discovers the library, the lunchroom, the playground, and lots

of other cool  places at school. And no matter where he goes, Pete

never stops moving and grooving and singing his song . . . because

it’s all good.     

            ACTIVITY: The students will play a Pete the Cat game with shoes


April 5, 2017 @ 9:30 3rd Grade

             BOOK: “Little Rabbit Goes to School”  by: Harry Horse

                        Synopsis —-    It’s Little Rabbit’s first day at school. He decides his favorite toy,

Charlie Horse, wants to start school too, so they set off together.

Before they’ve even got to school, Charlie Horse has made Little

Rabbit eat his whole packed lunch and then proceeds to create

mischief all day – galloping when he should be listening and jumping

in the cake mix. Little Rabbit gets very upset when Charlie Horse leads

him away from his new friends on a nature walk and they find

themselves all alone in the wood …But Little Rabbit’s teacher and friends

find them and Little Rabbit goes home happy, looking forward to his next

day at school – having decided Charlie Horse isn’t ready to start school and

can stay at home!   

            ACTIVITY: Students will make an Easter craft


April 5, 2017 @ 11:20 Kindergarten

             BOOK: “Here Comes The Easter Cat”  by: Deborah Underwood

                        Synopsis —- Why should the Easter Bunny get all the love? That’s what Cat would

like to know. So he decides to take over: He dons his sparkly suit, jumps

on his Harley, and roars off into the night. But it turns out delivering

Easter eggs is hard work. And it doesn’t leave much time for naps

(of which Cat has taken five–no, seven). So when a pooped-out Easter

Bunny shows up, and with a treat for Cat, what will Cat do? His surprise

solution will be stylish, smart, and even–yes–kind.

            ACTIVITY: Students will make an Easter craft




April 10, 2017 @ 1:00 Kindergarten

             BOOK: “Bat’s at the Library”  by: Brian Lies

                        Synopsis —-  The air is cool and calm and clear.                                                   Can it be true? Oh, can it be?                                                   Yes!—Bat Night at the library!                                                  Join the free-for-all fun at the public library with these book-loving

bats! Shape shadows on walls, frolic in the water fountain, and roam

the book-filled halls until it’s time for everyone, young and old, to

settle down into the enchantment of story time. Brian Lies’ joyful

critters and their nocturnal celebration cast library visits in a new light.     

            ACTIVITY: Students will make an Easter craft


April 11, 2017 @ 11:30 Pre-K

             BOOK: “Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit”  by: Il Sung Na

                        Synopsis —-     What do the animals do when the snow falls to the ground and all

the trees are bare? Some fly long distances, while some swim to

warmer waters. Some take a long, warm sleep where they live,

while others have a thick, cozy coat and can stay in the snow!




April 11, 2017 @ 12:00 Pre-K    

Annual Easter Egg Hunt



April 11, 2017 @ 1:30 1st Grade

             BOOK: “The Little Red Hen: Makes a Pizza”  by: Philemon Sturges

                        Synopsis —-  The story of the industrious Little Red Hen is not a new one, but when this

particular hen spies a can of tomato sauce in her cupboard and decides to

make a pizza, the familiar tale takes on a fresh new twist. Kids will love

following along as the hen, with no help from her friends the duck, the dog,

and the cat, goes through the steps of making a pizza-shopping for supplies,

making the dough, and adding the toppings. But despite their initial resistance,

the hen’s friends come through in the end and help out in a refreshing and

surprising way.     

            ACTIVITY: Students will make an Easter craft


April 13, 2017 @ 1:30 6th Grade

National Library Week Speaker:

Dr. White, Education Specialist

will be here for story time


April 18, 2017 @ 10:00 Pre-K

Mrs. Lowder and her dog Amos will be here for story time reading her latest book.

          BOOK: “Amos Bounces Back: A Tale of Too Much T.V.  by: Margaret Lowder

                     Synopsis —-   Amos Bounces Back — A Tale of Too Much TV is the second award

winning book in the Series of Amos Tales. This bright, energetic

children’s book will capture the imaginations of children ages 3 to 7

as they are swept into Amos’s world of watching TV. He quickly realizes

that he misses his real life friends and all the fun they have. Hopefully,

the young reader will learn the value of living a real life away from apps,

games, & too much TV.




April 19, 2017 @ 1:00 Kindergarten

             BOOK: “Once there was a Bull…. frog”  by: Rick Walton

                        Synopsis —-    Once there was a Bull…(Frog) is an endearing story of a frog who

lost   his hop. He looks for it everywhere: under a toad…(stool),

behind a dog… (house), and under a hedge…(hog), but it’s nowhere

to be found. He has   cow…(boy) throw him high in the sky, but he

lands in a field of straw… (berries). Thanks to a diamond…

(back rattlesnake), he regains his hop. 

            ACTIVITY:  We will make frogs out of construction paper and paper plates


April 20, 2017 @ 1:30 2nd Grade

BOOK: “Light is all Around Us”  by: Wendy Pfeffer

                        Synopsis —-   Light is all around you! It comes in many forms: Light from the sun

brightens  our day, firelight flickers in the night, electric lights fill your

homes—and animals even make the sea glow! With lively illustrations

and diagrams and clear, engaging text, this Level 2 Let’s-Read-and-Find-

Out picture book is a fascinating look into the many ways that light

brightens our world.    

            ACTIVITY: Questions and Answers



April Events @ Lowder Library!!

April 2017 @E L Lowder Regional Library


Stitch and Share meets the fourth Thursday afternoon of the month. We will meet Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 3pm.  If you have ever wanted to learn how to crochet, knit, or quilt please join us.  If there is something you need help with please bring it and let us see if we can help get you back on track.


Friends and Family Chess Club wants you every Saturday 10AM until 1245PM sharp as the library closes at 1PM on Saturdays. If your child or you have ever wanted to learn how to play chess or knows how and wants to join a group we invite everyone to become a member of the Lowder Chess Club.  There is no need to pre-register, just show up on Saturday.  If Chess Club is canceled we will post a sign on the door as soon as we know ourselves.


Remember that the Ladies of High Tea meets the first Tuesday of each month at 3PM. In April the Ladies will be reading Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews.

First husbands Annajane truly believes she is over her ex-husband, Mason. They’ve been divorced for four years, she’s engaged to a terrific new guy, and she’s ready to leave the small North Carolina town where she and Mason had so much history. She is so over Mason that she has absolutely no problem attending his wedding. But when fate intervenes and the wedding is called to a halt as the bride is walking down the aisle, Annajane begins to realize that maybe this happened for a reason. And maybe, just maybe, she wants Mason back…

Second chances But there are secrets afoot in this small Southern town, and soon Annajane discovers that change can bring out the worst in people-even her own friends and neighbors-and uncover family scandals. Happiness could be hers for the taking…and the life she once had with Mason could be in her future. But first Annajane must find out what she’s really made of, and what really matters most…


May’s date is Tuesday, May 2, 2017 and the Ladies will be reading The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd.

Set in South Carolina in 1964, The Secret Life of Bees tells the story of Lily Owens, whose life has been shaped around the blurred memory of the afternoon her mother was killed. When Lily’s fierce-hearted black “stand-in mother,” Rosaleen, insults three of the deepest racists in town, Lily decides to spring them both free. They escape to Tiburon, South Carolina–a town that holds the secret to her mother’s past. Taken in by an eccentric trio of black beekeeping sister, Lily is introduced to their mesmerizing world of bees and honey, and the Black Madonna. This is a remarkable novel about divine female power, a story that women will share and pass on to their daughters for years to come.


Gamers Club will meet Friday, April 14. Gamer’s Club meets the second Friday afternoon of the month and pre-registration is required.  Participants may sign up for 330pm-430pm or 430pm -530pm (all gaming must end at 530pm).


Registration is also required for the Lowder Lego League on the third Friday afternoon of the month 4PM-5PM. Participants under the age of 8 must have an adult present with them while they play.  Participants older than 8 must have an adult with them as well, but adult may wait in the main area of the library.  Complete rules are available at the Circulation Desk.  Come and sign up for April 21, 2017!


Lowder Regional Library now has coloring for stressed out adults! The second Thursday afternoon from 4pm-5pm bring your tired of everything, frazzled, and anxious selves to color your cares away—at least for the time that you are here!  Join us Thursday, April 13.


Homework Assistance continues at Lowder Regional Library on Wednesdays from 6PM-730PM. We are still in need of Homework Helpers on some Wednesday nights.  Parents are required to fill out a registration form for each branch that their children attend.  Students MUST bring homework and text books to Homework Assistance.


Lowder Regional Library is proud to present a Bilingual Korean Story Time every Tuesday of the month except the first Tuesday.  We will start at 430pm and end before 530pm.  In April we will meet April 11, April 18, and April 25, 2017.  It will be held in the Meeting Room to the right as you come in the door of the library.  Parents must stay with children.


Monday evening, April 17, at 7pm we will have a Scholarship Seminar for Grades 8 through 12. Eight graders are asked to bring a notebook to start their portfolios.  Seniors and juniors the time to plan for college is NOW!


April 9-15, 2017 is National Library Week. This year’s theme is “Libraries Transform” and once again the Lowder Librarians will be having a special week of fun.  We have planned a cookie decorating contest for the Young Adults; a movie, a visit from a pig and a horse, and Lego League for the children; and we’ll have the Bloodmobile and Stress Free Coloring for the Adults, just to name a few programs.  We’ll also be “dressing up” again this year.  Come out and see us “transform.”  See our National Library Week Schedule of Events Poster for more information


National Library Week

National Library Week 2017

EL Lowder Regional Library


The Lowder Librarians invite everyone to join them in dressing up again this year!

See us transform!

Each day’s theme is in CAPITAL LETTERS.


Monday, April 10                   FICTION DAY

Confucius Institute 3pm-430pm

Chinese Traditional Festivals

Korean Story Time 430pm-530pm




Tueasday, April 11        BIOGRAPHY DAY

National Library Workers Day

Movie Day 330pm-530pm

We’ll be showing a biography!



Wednesday, April 12    398.2 DAY

National Bookmobile Day

A Pig and a Horse Walk Into the Library . . .




Thursday, April 13        E Seuss

Adult Coloring Hour 4pm-5pm

Teen Transform Boring Into Extraordinary Cookie Decoration

Competition  430pm-530pm



Friday, April 14   790 Day or 796 DAY

Bloodmobile starting at 9AM – come give blood!  Save a Life!

Story Time 1015am

Lowder Lego League 4pm-5pm


Cookie Contest Rules


National Library Week 2017

EL Lowder Regional Library


The Lowder Librarians invite everyone to join them in dressing up again this year!

See us transform!

Each day’s theme is in CAPITAL LETTERS.


Monday, April 10                   FICTION DAY

Confucius Institute 3pm-430pm

Chinese Traditional Festivals

Korean Story Time 430pm-530pm




Tueasday, April 11        BIOGRAPHY DAY

National Library Workers Day

Movie Day 330pm-530pm

We’ll be showing a biography!



Wednesday, April 12    398.2 DAY

National Bookmobile Day

A Pig and a Horse Walk Into the Library . . .




Thursday, April 13        E Seuss

Adult Coloring Hour 4pm-5pm

Teen Transform Boring Into Extraordinary Cookie Decoration

Competition  430pm-530pm



Friday, April 14   790 Day or 796 DAY

Bloodmobile starting at 9AM – come give blood!  Save a Life!

Story Time 1015am

Lowder Lego League 4pm-5pm


Williams Library Announces April Events!!

Bertha Williams

April 2017



Adult Program

*Art Transforms

National Library Week

April 10-15

Several art projects will be installed for National Library Week to see how art can Transform Libraries. The value of art is not always obvious until we see what it can do to change a space and make us see it in a new light. Want to get involved in our projects? Call Amy at 340-4979 to see what we’re planning, we especially need fiber artists (knitters, crocheters, etc.).


Our tables will also be covered with paper for you to scribble and color on during this week. See what art pops up!


Scrabble Time

Second Tuesday

April 11

Time: 2:00pm

Description: Come over to Bertha Williams Library and play Scrabble with us. We have plenty of dictionaries for you to brush up on your vocabulary and the Jumble in the Montgomery Advertiser is helpful too! See how sharp your Scrabble skills are against the librarians or just play for fun!


*Alabama ARISE

April 12

Time: 10:00am

Description: Pres Harris will come talk about how to get involved in local politics by contacting your elected officials. She will also speak about some of the work Alabama Arise is doing in reforming tax policy, ban the box, death penalty overturn, payday/lending title reform, and public transportation improvement. See what you can do to help transform Alabama into a better place to live for everyone.


Rosa Parks Page Turners Book Club

Second Wednesday

April 12

Time: 11:00am

Title: Silver Sparrow

Author: Tayari Jones

Description: Join us in our Big Read selection, funded and supported by the National Endowment for the Arts. There will be many opportunities to meet the author and engage in other discussions in the city of Montgomery regarding this engaging story about the two families of James Witherspoon. His two daughters, from his separate families, meet and become friends with only one knowing they are actually sisters.


*Talent Transforms

April 14


Time: 4:00pm

Description: Join us as JP da Poet and others perform spoken word, music, and other talents. Interested in sharing your talent? Sign up before the 7th to be put on the performance schedule.


Senior Bingo

Last Monday

April 24

Time: 10:00 AM

Audience: Seniors/Adults

Description: Seniors are invited to have fun playing an hour of Bingo @ Bertha P. Williams Rosa Parks Avenue Branch. An assortment of prizes will be available.


Fourth Friday Cook Up

April 28

Time: 4:00 PM

Audience: Adult

Description: Bring dishes from recipes selected on a theme. It’s Defeat Diabetes Month. Bring a low carb/diabetic friendly dish. Prior registration is not required, but is encouraged so that we don’t have too much salad/bread/dessert (no such thing).


Participation is required for partaking, but if you can’t cook feel free to bring plates, cups, tin foil, and/or plastic forks. Not sure what we need? Give us a call 240-4979.


Genealogy Sessions

Fridays (except holidays)

10:30-11:15 AND 2:30-3:15


Pre-registration IS required.

Sign up for a one on one genealogy session with librarian Amy Campbell. She’ll show you beginning tips and tricks for tracing your ancestry. If you’ve already been working on your tree, find ways to digitize your information to keep better track during your research. Email, Call, or come in to set up your 45 minute session.





Young Adult Programs


April 6, 13, 20, 27

Time: 4:00-5:00

Description: Join JP da Poet in this workshop class about slam poetry and how to write and perform it. We recommend bringing a dedicated notebook and pens, but can provide pen and paper if necessary.


*Color Transforms – Coloring Contest (12-18, in high school)

Due: April 7 @6pm

Get a group of friends together (recommend 3-6 people) and work on coloring one of our “banner” sized coloring sheets. The prize will be a showing of a movie of your group’s choice (PG-13 or lower) and a special treat.


Mid-Afternoon Movie

Third Friday

April 21

Time: 3:30pm

Joins us for a mid afternoon movie after work or school. Bring snacks, suggest titles for future viewings, talk with friends or make new ones. Movies will be PG-13 rating or lower, but parents are responsible for researching movie before allowing children to view.


Movie: Home (PG)

Run time: 1hr 34 min


Children’s Programs

Reading Rockets (Literacy Tutors)

Mondays (except holidays)

Time: 3:30pm-4:30pm

Description: In partnership with the Prattville Community Development Incorporation, we’re pleased to offer reading tutors for children and adults. If you or your children need assistance in learning to read or read more fluently, please take advantage of this free program. Questions about the program should be directed to Annail Fort (334) 233-0818.


STEM Tutors


*Color Transforms – Coloring Contest (ages 3-11)

Due: April 7 @6pm

Come to the library and ask for our special National Libraries Week coloring sheet to be entered to win a prize. All ages are welcome to color, but the contest is for ages 3-11. Sheet will be displayed for the public to view and vote on, so parents make sure you come by to vote on your child’s work! The winner will be announced on our Facebook page on April 17th!



Mondays AND Tuesdays

Time: 10:00 AM


All storytimes will include song and dance so we can keep our bodies as active as our minds!


3rd and 4th

Grumpy Goat (Brett Helquist) has just moved to a new farm and doesn’t know how to make friends until he finds something to brighten his day. Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great (Bob Shea) involves a goat who is upset about a unicorn moving in and constantly upstaging him.


10th and 11th

The Very Busy Spider and The Very Hungry Caterpillar (both by Eric Carle) are both about very interesting insects and how they eat.


17th and 18th

The Cow Who Clucked (Denise Fleming) has lost her moo and goes looking to find it. The Cow Who Buzzed (Andrea Zimmerman and David Clemesha) catches a cold and finds herself buzzing AND sneezing.


24th and 25th

When Percy leave decides to take all of his bears on a picnic with his family, he must leave behind their lunch to do so. When his family finds out he comes up with a clever way to feed his family, so Please DO Feed the Bears (Phyllis Reynolds Naylor). I Lost My Bear (Jules Feiffer) follows the story of a girl who loses her stuffed bear. See how she finds it.