Pintlala Library Announces February Story Times!!

Pintlala Branch Library

February 2019   STORY TIME

255 Federal Rd.

Hope Hull, AL 36043

334 281-8069

Black History Month/Happy Valentine’s Day

Mrs. Sandra Berry, Librarian





FEBRUARY 5, 2019 Pre-K @ 11:10

             BOOK: “Henry and the Valentine Surprise” by: Nancy Carlson

                        Synopsis: —-  Just before Valentine’s Day, Henry and his classmates discover

a heart-shaped box on their teacher Mr. McCarthy’s desk.

Who’s it for? As the students spy on Mr. McCarthy, they see

him talking to the playground monitor, smiling at the lunch lady,

and eating with the French teacher! How many girlfriends does

Mr. McCarthy have? When Henry finally asks Mr. McCarthy just

who that heart-shaped box is for the class gets a big surprise!

            ACTIVITY: Students will make a Valentine’s craft


FEBRUARY 6, 2019 Kindergarten @

             BOOK: “Happy Valentine’s Day” by: Robert Scull

                        Synopsis: —-  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Little Bill is busily

making cards for all the people he loves in his life, including his

teacher and Baby Jamal.

            ACTIVITY: Students will make a Valentine’s craft


FEBRUARY 7, 2019 3rd Grade @ 9:30

            BOOK: “Happy Valentine’s Day Delores” by: Barbara Samuels

                        Synopsis: —-  Time and time again Dolores has been told to keep out of her big

sister Faye’s room. But when Dolores sees Faye hiding a mysterious

heart-shaped box, she can’t resist sneaking in and taking a peek. Join

the irrepressible Dolores and her long-suffering cat, Duncan, in this

hilarious escapade as Dolores pushes the limits of sisterly love and learns

that, in matters of the heart, it’s important to give, as well as take.

          ACTIVITY: Students will make a Valentine’s craft


FEBRUARY 7, 2019 2nd Grade @ 1:30

             BOOK: “Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink” by: Diane deGroat

                     Synopsis: —- Gilbert is all set to write fifteen friendly valentine cards to his classmates.

But how can he write a nice poem for the boy who tweaked his nose, or

the girl who made fun of his glasses? Instead, Gilbert writes two not-so-nice

valentines…and signs the wrong name on both! When his classmates read his

poems, their feelings are hurt, and Gilbert’s prank quickly turns into pandemonium.

But with the help of a friend and an honest apology, there’s always time for a change

of heart on Valentine’s Day.


            ACTIVITY: Students will make a Valentine’s craft




FEBRUARY 19, 2019 Pre-K @ 11:10

             BOOK: “The Wide Mouthed Frog” by: Keith Faulkner

                        Synopsis: —-    From the Okefenokee Swamp comes a frog with a wide mouth that

he just loves to use. He’s particularly interested in the eating habits

of other creatures found in the great outdoors–that is, of course,

until he comes upon a big green one with lots of teeth who finds

wide-mouthed frogs simply delicious.

            ACTIVITY: Make frogs out of construction paper and paper plates


FEBRUARY 25, 2019 6th Grade @ 9:30

    Black History Speaks

Black History Program

Pintlala Elementary School 6th Graders


FEBRUARY 26, 2019 4th Grade @ 12:15

             BOOK: “TrueFlix Biographies Harriet Tubman” by: Robin S. Doak

                        Synopsis: —-    After escaping from slavery when she was a young woman,

Harriet Tubman devoted herself to helping others do the same.

Readers will discover how Tubman became the most famous

conductor on the Underground Railroad, rescuing her family

members and dozens of others from plantations in the south

and helping them reach safety in the north.

            ACTIVITY: Students will make a craft project


FEBRUARY 27, 2019 1st Grade @ 1:30

            BOOK: “Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. Edna” by: Douglas Rees

                        Synopsis: —- Tyrannosaurus Rex wants breakfast. He stomps and he roars

and he gnashes his teeth—and he scares all the other dinosaurs

right out of the forest.

Only Edna, the very first chicken, is unafraid. She won’t let that

bully T. rex push her around! But will Edna’s mighty beak and

terrible flapping wings be a match for T. rex’s mighty claws and

terrible jaws?

This hilarious tale of bravery will have readers clucking in triumph!

            ACTIVITY: Students will make a craft project


FEBRUARY 28, 2019 3rd Grade @ 9:30

           BOOK: Pop: The Invention of Bubble Gum” by: Megan McCarthy

                        Synopsis:—- Gum. It’s been around for centuries—from the ancient Greeks to the

American Indians, everyone’s chewed it. But the best kind of gum—

bubble gum!—wasn’t invented until 1928, when an enterprising young

accountant at Fleer Gum and Candy used his spare time to experiment

with different recipes.

            ACTIVITY: Word find with words from the story


FEBRUARY 28, 2019 2nd Grade @ 1:30

            BOOK: “Light and Color: Discover Science Through Facts and Fun”  by: Gerry Bailey

Synopsis —-     Presents an introduction to light and color, discussing

how different kinds of light work and how color affects


            ACTIVITY: Students will experiment with Milk making Rainbows




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