MCCPL Announces September Activities!!

Montgomery City-County Public Library

September 2018


Pike Road Branch Library


*Special Events


* The Friends of the Pike Road Branch Library present Kathie Farnell, author of Duck and Cover: A Nuclear Family – Thursday, September 20 at 10 a.m.

Duck and Cover is a wry, laconic memoir penned by Kathie Farnell, based on her perspective as a smart-mouthed, unreasonably optimistic white girl growing up in Cloverdale, a genteel and neatly landscaped neighborhood of Montgomery, Alabama, in the late 1950s and early 1960s. A book-signing and reception will follow the author’s talk. Copies of the book will be on sale for $25; cash and checks only.


*Homeschool Resource Expo – Tuesday, September 11 at 3:30 p.m.

The Pike Road Branch Library invites homeschooling families to learn about the many online resources offered by the Montgomery City-County Public Library and to get to know other homeschooling families in the community.


Storybook Time

For Age Three and Up

Mondays at 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.


At Storybook Time, we sing a few songs, read one or two picture books and make a craft. We will read the same books at 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Here is what we have planned for this month:


  • September 10 – Yesterday was Teddy Bear Day! We’ll belatedly celebrate our best plush buddies with some tales about teddy bears including A Pocket for Corduroy by Don Freeman. Feel free to bring your favorite teddy bear to Storybook Time today.
  • September 17 – What might very well be Mister Matt’s favorite day of the year is coming up this Wednesday. What day that be? ‘Tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Cap’n Matt will read piratical tales including There Was an Old Pirate Who Swallowed a Map by Lucille Colandro and Jared Lee. Wee pirates be at liberty to wear their piratical garb.
  • September 24 – We’ll keep last week’s nautical theme going with this week’s story. After all, many a pirate thought he encountered a mermaid. This particular mermaid has a penchant for stuffing things into her tummy. We’ll see what her deal is when we read There Was an Old Mermaid Who Swallowed a Shark by Lucille Colandro and Jared Lee.


Toddler Time

 For Age Two and Under

Wednesdays at 10 a.m.

At Toddler Time, we sing songs, recite nursery rhymes and read one story each week. The dates will be:

  • September 5
  • September 12
  • September 19
  • September 26


Book Clubs


Book Maniacs – for children in third grade and up –On Wednesday, September 12 at 4:15 p.m., the Maniacs will discuss City of Lies by Lian Tanner.

Publisher’s Summary – Goldie Roth is a trained thief and a skilled liar. Along with her friend Toadspit, she’s supposed to be one of the Keepers of the mysterious Museum of Dunt. But although she desperately wants to be a Keeper, she will not leave her sick parents to do so. But when Toadspit’s sister Bonnie is stolen, he and Goldie are forced to follow the child-stealers to the neighboring city of Spoke. Along the way, Toadspit too is captured, and Goldie is caught up in the Festival of Lies, where every word she says means something else and no one can be trusted. There, Goldie discovers some dangerous secrets—secrets that the child-stealers will kill to protect. She will need all her skills as a thief and a liar if she is to survive and save her friends.


Bookies – The Pike Road Bookies meet on the third Thursday of each month, except December. –On Thursday, September 20 at 9:15 a.m., they will discuss Duck and Cover: A Nuclear Family by Kathie Farnell.

Publisher’s SummaryDuck and Cover is a wry, laconic memoir penned by Kathie Farnell, based on her perspective as a smart-mouthed, unreasonably optimistic white girl growing up in Cloverdale, a genteel and neatly landscaped neighborhood of Montgomery, Alabama, in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Farnell deftly recounts tales of aluminum Christmas trees, the Hula-Hoop craze, road trips in the family’s un-air-conditioned black Bel Air, show-and-tell involving a human skeleton, belatedly learning to swear, and even the pet chicken she didn’t know she had. Her well-crafted prose reveals quirky and compelling characters in stories that don’t ignore the dark side of the segregated South, as told from the wide-eyed perspective of a girl who is sometimes oblivious to and often mystified by its byzantine rules. Little did she know that the Age of Aquarius was just around the corner.

9585 Vaughn Road, Pike Road, AL 36064 – Phone: 244-8679


Bertha P. Williams Library

Adult Program


Crochet and Craft

First and Third Friday, September 7 and 21 @ 10:00 a.m.

Description: Want to learn how to crochet? Have a project you’re working on that you want to show off, need help with? Come to the library and learn or teach a handcraft (knitting, sewing, crochet, cross-stitch, macrame, origami, chainmail, whatever). Crafters of all ages and genders are welcome. Bring supplies and we’ll build the expertise together.


Scrabble Time

First and Third Tuesday, September 4 and 18 @ 2:00 p.m.

Description: Come over to Bertha Williams Library and play Scrabble with us. We have plenty of dictionaries for you to brush up on your vocabulary and the Jumble in the Montgomery Advertiser is helpful too! See how sharp your Scrabble skills are against the librarians or just play for fun!


Rosa Parks Page Turners Book Club

Wednesday, September 12 @ 11:00 a.m.

Title: Private Vegas by James Patterson

Description: Private’s Jack Morgan has been hired to hunt down two men on a gleeful murder spree. Jack thinks there could be nothing more dangerous than two criminals with an insatiable hunger for violence. But when their path of destruction leads Jack to Vegas, he’s drawn deep into the heart of a murder ring more ruthless than anything he could have imagines, masterminded by a diabolical genius. ~dust jacket

Author Talk and Book Signing – Carol Feller

Thursday, September 20 @ 11:00 a.m.

Description: Carol Feller will discuss her first novel, Dancing Through Minefields. According to the author, “Dancing Through Minefields will have you silencing your phone and hanging out the ‘do not disturb’ sign. Anne Schroeder is a well-defined protagonist and you will not want to be interrupted as you travel her journey of fear, faith, and friendship. This novel will not simply be read, it will be felt. As you cringe at Anne’s husband’s anger, when your unbidden tears leak, while you crouch deeper into your seat, and after you’ve read the final word, you’ll know without a doubt that you’ve experienced Anne.”


Novel Colors

Wednesday, September 26 @ 6:30 p.m.

LOCATION: Books-a-Million in Eastchase

Really want to join a book club but don’t really like to read? Come join us at Books-a-million as we talk and color. Read the book, or don’t! Browse with a new friend. Just want to color and enjoy our company? You’re welcome! Bring your own supplies or use some of ours. Coloring sheets provided.

Title: Monstress: Vol 1. Awakening

Authors/Illustrators: Marjorie Liu/Sana Takeda

Available on Hoopla

Description: Set in an alternate matriarchal 1900 ‘s Asia, in a richly imagined world of art deco-inflected steampunk, MONSTRESS tells the story of a teenage girl who is struggling to survive the trauma of war, and who shares a mysterious psychic link with a monster of tremendous power, a connection that will transform them both. ~Description from Hoopla.

Note: Winner of 2018 Eisner Award


Genealogy Sessions

Fridays (except holidays)

10:30-11:15 a.m. AND 2:30-3:15 p.m.

Pre-registration IS required.

Sign up for a one on one genealogy session with librarian Amy Campbell. She’ll show you beginning tips and tricks for tracing your ancestry. If you’ve already been working on your tree, find ways to digitize your information to keep better track during your research. Email, Call, or come in to set up your 45 minute session. ( or 334-240-4979)

All Ages


Mid-Afternoon Movie

Every Third Friday @ 3:00 p.m.

Joins us for a mid afternoon movie after work or school. Bring snacks, suggest titles for future viewings, talk with friends or make new ones. Movies will be PG-13 rating or lower, but parents are responsible for researching movie before allowing children to view. Call to ask what movie we’re showing or to suggest a title.


Children’s Programs

Story time!

Mondays and Tuesdays @ 10 a.m. (Except holidays)

All storytimes will include song and dance so we can keep our bodies as active as our minds!


September 4

The LMNO Peas (Baker) are here to help us learn the alphabet. Is Everyone Ready for Fun?! (Thomas) Good! Because that’s what story time is all about.


September 10 and 11

The Beetle Bop (Fleming) will have us moving and grooving as we learn a little about these diverse creatures. Then we’ll follow The Grumpy Ladybug (Carle) as he looks for someone big enough to fight.


September 17 and 18

Bob (Pearson) is a rooster who doesn’t know how to crow. The Kindhearted Crocodile (Panzieri) just wants to find a family to live with. Will they find what they need?


September 24 and 25

Dragon’s Love Tacos (Rubin), it’s just a fact. The Leopard’s Drum (Souhmai) is the best drum, the most magnificent drum, that’s also a fact.


EL Lowder Regional Library

Lap Sit Time

Thursdays @ 10:00 a.m.

(In the Meeting Room)


September 6: 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Higher! Higher! by Leslie Patricelli

Synopsis: The little girl is wanting her Daddy to push her higher in the swing. How high would you swing?

The Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood

Synopsis: There are many ways to be quiet. For example: “First one awake quiet, sleeping sister quiet, and trying not to hiccup quiet.” How do you try to be quiet?

(This will be our book that we read all month long.)


September 13

Maybe a Bear Ate It! by Robie Harris

Synopsis: The Cat in this story is having trouble locating his book. He is accusing everyone of taking it.  Did you take his book?


September 20

Eat up, Piglittle by Sally Grindley

Synopsis: Piglittle was asked to eat his dinner. He told his Mother that he was not ready and instead he played.  Then later on he began to get hungry.  Did he eat what his mother fixed him?


September 27

Pick a Pet by Diane Namm

Synopsis: The little girl in the story is looking for one very special pet for her to keep. She may only pick one and she looks at the monkeys and lions.  Which pet do you think she will pick?


Preschool Story Time

Fridays @ 10:00 a.m.



(Bring your teddy bear or stuffed animal to Story Time on September 14th for a sleepover. Teddy Bear will have overnight adventures in the library from September 14th to September 21st. Pick up Teddy, read to him, and view all the great adventures had at the library after the staff goes home.)


Library Tour

September 7

Do You Know Dewey: Exploring the Dewey Decimal System by Brian P. Cleary

Synopsis: Melvil Dewey was the creator of the Dewey Decimal System that most libraries use to categorize the books in order to find them quickly. What do you know about the Dewey Decimal System?

Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein

Synopsis: Papa Chicken is trying to read a story, but little red chicken keeps interrupting the story. Does Papa ever get to finish the story?

Activity: Tour of the Library


Teddy Bear Sleepover

September 14

Kiss Good Night by Amy Hest

Synopsis: Mrs. Bear is putting her son to bed and she tucks all his covers. She thinks that she is done for the night. Sam says, “I’m waiting.” She places his toys around him. Sam says, “I’m waiting.” Can you guess what Sam is waiting on?

No Sleep for the Sheep! by Karen Beaumont

Synopsis: Sheep is in the barn trying to sleep. “Quack.” Sheep opens the door and there stands Duck. Duck curls up next to Sheep and Sheep says, “Shhh! Not a peep! Go to sleep!” Do you think other animals disturb Sheep’s sleep?

Activity: Bookmarks (Bring Teddy or a stuffed animal for a teddy bear sleepover.)


Pajama Day

September 21

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

Synopsis: The family in this story goes on a bear hunt and they are

looking for a big bear. They go through tall grass and a river. They can’t go over it or under it, so they must go through it. Do you think that they will find a bear?

please DO feed the bears by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Synopsis: Percy wants to take all his teddy bear friends with him on his family trip to the beach. For every teddy bear that he takes, he must then leave something behind. When the family goes to eat their lunch they discover that there is nothing to eat. What do you think happened to their lunch?

Activity: Read a story to your Teddy Bear/Stuffed Animal


Learning about the Library

September 28

Froggy Goes to the Library by Jonathan London

Synopsis: Froggy was reading his book in bed when his mother told him to get dressed. Froggy, Polly and his Mother all go to the library. Froggy thinks Story Time is for babies, but when the librarian begins reading a book Froggy becomes interested in the story. Is Story Time really just for babies?

Beverly Billingsly Borrows a Book by Alexander Stadler

Synopsis: Beverly is very excited she is getting her very first library card. She checks out a book and forgets to return it. One friend tells her that she will have to pay thousands of dollars and another says that she will go to jail. What really happens if you return a library book late?

Activity: Bring an object to Show and Tell (nothing live please)



Other Happenings @ Lowder Regional Library


The Ladies of High Tea will meet to the Fourth Thursday of the Month at 3PM — Join us Thursday, September 27, 2018 to discuss Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee.

Summary: A landmark novel by Harper Lee, set two decades after her beloved Pulitzer Prize–winning masterpiece, To Kill a Mockingbird. Twenty-six-year-old Jean Louise Finch—“Scout”—returns home to Maycomb, Alabama from New York City to visit her aging father, Atticus. Set against the backdrop of the civil rights tensions and political turmoil that were transforming the South, Jean Louise’s homecoming turns bittersweet when she learns disturbing truths about her close-knit family, the town, and the people dearest to her. Memories from her childhood flood back, and her values and assumptions are thrown into doubt. Featuring many of the iconic characters from To Kill a Mockingbird, Go Set a Watchman perfectly captures a young woman, and a world, in painful yet necessary transition out of the illusions of the past—a journey that can only be guided by one’s own conscience. Written in the mid-1950s, Go Set a Watchman imparts a fuller, richer understanding and appreciation of the late Harper Lee. Here is an unforgettable novel of wisdom, humanity, passion, humor, and effortless precision—a profoundly affecting work of art that is both wonderfully evocative of another era and relevant to our own times. It not only confirms the enduring brilliance of To Kill a Mockingbird, but also serves as its essential companion, adding depth, context, and new meaning to an American classic.


In October 2018 the Ladies will read The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club by Gil McNeil.  Join us on Thursday, October 25, 2018!

For every woman who has ever dreamed of starting over, or being a better mother, or just knitting a really nice scarf . . .When her husband dies in a car crash–not long after announcing he wants a divorce–Jo Mackenzie packs up her two rowdy boys and moves from London to a dilapidated villa in her seaside hometown. There, she takes over her beloved Gran’s knitting shop–a quaint but out-of-date store in desperate need of a facelift. After a rough beginning, Jo soon finds comfort in a “Stitch and Bitch” group; a collection of quirky, lively women who share their stories, and their addiction to cake, with warmth and humor. As Jo starts to get the hang of single-parent life in a small town, she relies on her knitting group for support. The women meet every week at the shop on Beach Street and trade gossip and advice as freely as they do a new stitch. But when a new man enters Jo’s life, and an A-list actress moves into the local mansion, the knitting club has even more trouble confining the conversation to knit one, purl two.  The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club is an uplifting, winning tale about the healing power of friendship and new beginnings. It’s a charming novel that will delight all passionate knitters–and win over befuddled, would-be knitters, too.


Due to availability please note that schedules and selections are subject to change without notice.


The Young Classic Book Club will still meet from 4PM to 5PM but the day has changed to the third Thursday of the month. On September 20, 2018 the club is open to discuss all Summer Reading assignments so come and tell us how you really feel about that book you read.


On Thursday, October 18, 2018 the Young Classic Book Club will discuss all of the books in the Harry Potter series. Everyone is invited to dress in their “House” colors and come ready for Madam Irma Pince’s (a.k.a. Miss Mary) class!


Selections are taken from Required Reading Lists and please note that schedules and selections are subject to change without prior notice.


Lowder’s Friends and Family Chess Club meets every Saturday 10AM to 1245PM (All children must be picked up by our 1PM closing time). If you have ever wanted to learn how to play chess or if you have been looking for a place to play join us each Saturday.  All ages and levels are welcome!  There is no need to pre-register, just show up on Saturday.  If Chess Club is canceled we will post a sign on the Meeting Room door.


Join us for The Joy of Well-Behaved Children, Mondays at 6pm-8pm, September 10, 17 and 24th. This class is geared towards parents (or caregivers) of preschoolers. However, anyone interested in the subject is welcome to attend.


Gamer’s Club is the second Wednesday afternoon of the month. You must pre-register to play 315PM to 415PM.  Parents must stay in the Main Area during play time.  Join us Wednesday, September 12, 2018!


We will host Grief Support with Baptist Hospice, Wednesday, September 19 at 12N -1pm.



Lowder Lego League is the third Wednesday afternoon of the month 315PM-415PM. Participants under the age of 8 must have an adult present with them while they play.  Participants older than 8 must have an adult with them as well, but adult may wait in the Main Area of the library.  Registration is also required and complete rules are available at the Circulation Desk.  Come and sign up for Wednesday, September 19, 2018!


Come be a part of DEACT! And just what is DEACT? Drop Everything And Color Time! All ages are invited to come and spend the hour coloring in the Main Area the second Thursday of the month.  Monthly we will have a different theme.  Join us Thursday, September 5, 2018 from



Confucius Institute from Troy University will be here on Friday, September 21, 2018, from 4PM to 5PM to present “The Introduction of Shanxi Noodles”. Everyone is invited to attend this great program.


Homework Help at Lowder is beginning Wednesday, August 22, 6PM-730PM. We will have Homework Assistance every Wednesday at this time unless school is out.  Everyone must fill out a new registration each year and they may be picked up at the Circulation Desk.  Textbooks, worksheets, and assignments must be brought to every session in order for students to receive assistance.  We are also taking applications at the Circulation Desk for Homework Helpers at this time.


Join us for Lap Sit Time! It is for ages 0 to 1 year every Thursday 10am to 1015m for a Librarian led Lap Sit time and then from 1015am to 1030am the parent will read board books to their children.  There is no craft associated with this program.


Our regular Preschool Story Time is now starting at 10am, but we are still on Friday mornings. All ages are welcome but please remember that programming is geared towards ages 3 to 5.  The usual program is to read a couple of books interspaced with songs and movement ending with a craft activity.


Join us the fourth Wednesday of every month from 4pm to 5pm for Study Break!  We would like to invite everyone, from elementary to college age to drop by and take a study break by playing a board game, putting together a puzzle, coloring a picture, or even filling a page with doodles!  September’s date is the 26th!


We are excited to announce that we are going to be offering Help Me! Computer Classes for senior adults the fourth Tuesday of the month from 330pm-430pm.  In September we will meet September 25th.  Please remember that pre-registration is required no later than 24 hours in advance of the class.


Everyone is invited to join us in the main area of the library Saturday, September 15, 2018 from 10AM to 12Noon as we welcome Carol Feller author of the book Dancing Through Minefields.  Amazon describes the book as “a truly explosive story of wit and wisdom…a magnificent story of courage in the midst of fear, confronting real issues…”


Please note that schedules and selections are subject to change and cancellation without notice due to situations beyond our control; however, the Lowder Staff makes every effort possible to adhere to posted planned programming.


Governor’s Square Library

Preschool Storytime Schedule

Tuesdays @ 10:00 a.m.

September 4:   Fairy Tales Day

The children will be delighted to hear the stories The Giant’s Toe and The Three Silly Girls Grubb, then do a coloring page.


September 11:  Community Helpers- Smokey the Bear

Special guest Smokey the Bear, National Forestry Department, will read a story, then explain to the children how to prevent forest fires. The children will receive goody bags to take home.


September 18: Pirate Day

Portly Jon the Pirate will entertain the children with the story Pirates Don’t Change Diapers and teach them some pirate songs. Then they will do a coloring page.


Sept 25:   National Pet Week

Children will enjoy singing songs about pets. Then Ms. Anita will read The Pet Store and Dewey: There’s a Cat in the Library. Lastly, the children will make a craft.


Book Bunch

September 5 @ 2:00 p.m.

Book Bunch will change the meeting schedule date for September from the 2nd

Wednesday to the 1st Wednesday in the month. So members will meet on 9/5/2018 at 2:00 p.m.  Members are to have read The Stars Are Fire by Anita Shreve for the discussion.

Book Jacket Summary: “In October, 1947, after a summer-long drought, fires began near Bar Harbor and raced along the coast of Maine, ravaging two hundred thousand acres–the largest fire in Maine’s history. In the southern part of the state, people were forced into the sea to escape the flames. Five months pregnant, Grace Holland is left alone to protect her two toddlers when her husband Gene joins the volunteers fighting to bring the fire under control. Along with her best friend, Rosie, and Rosie’s two young children, the women watch in horror as their houses go up in flames, then walk into the ocean as a last resort. They spend the night frantically trying to save their children. When dawn comes, they have miraculously survived, but their lives are forever changed: homeless, penniless, and left to face an uncertain future in a town that no longer exists. As Grace awaits news of her husband’s fate, she is thrust into a new world in which she must make a life on her own, beginning with absolutely nothing–she must find work, a home, a way to provide for her children. In the midst of devastating loss, Grace discovers glorious new freedoms–joys and triumphs she could never have expected her narrow life with Gene could contain–and her spirit soars. And then the unthinkable happens, and Grace’s bravery is tested as never before”.


Juliette Hampton Morgan Memorial Library

Story Times

Thursdays @ 10:30 a.m.


September 6

Pete the Cat

We will read Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes by Eric Litwin and illustrated by James Dean. Pete the Cat is rocking in his school shoes. Pete discovers the library, the lunch room, the playground, and lots of other cool places at school. We will also read Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons by Eric Litwin and illustrated by James Dean. Pete the Cat is wearing his favorite shirt—the one with the four totally groovy buttons. But when one falls off, does Pete cry? Goodness, no! We will have a craft.


September 13

Positive Thinking!

We will read Pass it on by Sophy Henn. When you see something terrific, smile a smile and pass it on! If you chance upon a chuckle, hee hee hee and pass it on. Should you spot a thing of wonder, jump for joy and pass it on!. We will also read Ish by Peter H. Reynolds. Ramon loved to draw. Anytime. Anything. Anywhere. Drawing is what Ramon does. It’s what makes him happy. But in one split second, all that changes. We will have a craft.


September 20

Talk like a Pirate!

We will read How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long and illustrated by David Shannon. Pirates have green teeth—when they have any teeth at all. I know about pirates, because one day, when I was at the beach building a sand castle and minding my own business, a pirate ship sailed into view. We will also read Bubble Bath Pirates by Jarrett J. Krosoczka.”BATH TIME!” calls out the pirate mommy. “ARGHHH!” answer her little pirates. It’s time to walk the plank for these two pirate pretenders. We will have an activity


September 27

Let’s go to the Library!

We will read No T-Rex in the Library by Toni Buzzeo and illustrated by Sachiko Yoshikawa. It’s a quiet morning in the library until a little girl roars out of control! Tess resigns herself to a time-out, but finds that she must be the one who has to maintain order when T. Rex leaps from the pages of a book into real life. We will also read Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen and illustrated by Kevin Hawkes. Miss Merriweather, the head librarian, is very particular about rules in the library. No running allowed. And you must be quiet. But when a lion comes to the library one day, no one is sure what to do.. We will have an activity


Teen Department

September 19 @ 3 p.m.

Talk Like a Pirate Day: Movie

Arrgh! We will watch Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Capt. Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) arrives at Port Royal in the Caribbean without a ship or crew. His timing is unfortunate, however, because later that evening the town is besieged by a pirate ship. The pirates kidnap the governor’s daughter, Elizabeth (Keira Knightley), who’s in possession of a valuable coin that is linked to a curse that has transformed the pirates into the undead. A gallant blacksmith (Orlando Bloom) in love with Elizabeth allies with Sparrow in pursuit of the pirates.


September 23-29

Banned Books Week

We will be celebrating Banned Books Week throughout the week with various displays, book related crafts, and demonstrations. The 2018 theme, “Banning Books Silences Stories,” is a reminder that everyone needs to speak out against the tide of censorship. Banned Books Week is an annual event celebrating the freedom to read.


Rufus A. Lewis Rebional Library

Story Time

Wednesdays @ 10:00 a.m.


September 5

Miss Bindergarten Gets Read For Kindergarten by Joseph Slate

Synopsis: It’s the first day of kindergarten and Miss Bindergarten is hard at work getting the classroom ready for her twenty-six new students. Meanwhile, Adam Krupp wakes up, Brenda Heath brushes her teeth, and Christopher Beaker finds his sneaker. Miss Bindergarten puts the finishing touches on the room just in time, and the students arrive. Now the fun can begin!

Activity: Coloring Sheet


September 12

Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoi

Synopsis: Story about a funny crocodile who has one big fear: swallowing a watermelon seed. What will he do when his greatest fear is realized? Will vines sprout out his ears? Will his skin turn pink?

Activity: Watermelon Craft


September 19

Help! A Story of Friendship by Holly Keller

Synopsis: Mouse hears a rumor that snakes do not like mice and while trying to avoid his former friend, Snake, he falls into a hole from which neither Hedgehog, Squirrel, nor Rabbit can help him out.

Activity: Friendship Bracelet


September 26

The Wolf, The Duck, and The Mouse by Mac Barnett

Synopsis: When a mouse is swallowed by a wolf, he learns that a duck devoured earlier has set up a table to enjoy the food the gluttonous predator eats.

Activity: Coloring Sheet


 Adult Programs


Saturday Morning Chess @ The Library

Saturday, September 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 @ 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Presenter: Friends and Family Chess Club

Description: Learn to play Chess. All ages and levels of players are welcome.


Computer Class

Thursday, September 6, 13, 20, 27, @ 11:00 a.m.

Description: All levels of experience are welcome in this low stress, community approach to computer literacy.

Instructors: Library Staff


Scrapbooking @ 12 Noon

Thursday, September 6, 13, 20, 27

Mrs. Alberta Riley, Retired Educator, Presenter

Description: Learn the techniques of telling stories of your memories through the art of scrapbooking using words, paper, glue, photos, etc. Attendees are encouraged to provide materials for this program.  Please contact staff @ (334)240-4848 for a list of recommended materials.


After 5 Book Club

Monday, September 10 @ 6:00 p.m.

Title: Georgia Bottoms by Mark Childress

Summary: From the author of Crazy in Alabama and One Mississippi comes a sharp-edged new comedy about a southern socialite with a drawer full of surprising secrets. ~Editor

Savings Plans and Budgeting

Tuesday September 11 @10:00 a. m.

Mrs. Danielle Rudolph, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Presenter

Description: Learn how to save for the future, emergencies, and how to get the most out of your income.


Yoga @ the Library                         

Tuesday, September 11 & 25 @ 6:00 p.m.

Mrs. Susan Enzweiler, Registered Yoga Teacher, Instructor

Description: This course is an introduction to the ancient practice of Yoga. Through a series of gentle Yoga Poses, participants will experience a sense of well-being and relaxation.  Comfortable, form-fitting, but stretchy clothing is recommended.  Participants of all levels of health, mobility, and flexibility are encouraged to attend as Yoga Poses can be adapted for comfort.


Coliseum Boulevard Branch Library

Story Time

Thursdays @ 10:00 a.m.


September 6   It’s nice to share!

Babushka’s Doll by Patricia Polacco

Synopsis: A little girl gets a doll that turns out to be as rambunctious as her owner.

The Sandwich Swap by Ronia Al Abdullah

Synopsis: Two friends disagree over their sandwiches until they decide to share.

Craft – Happy face masks for boys and girls


September 13 Always do what your parents ask!

Stripe by Joanne Partis

Synopsis: Stripe, a little tiger cub, strolls into the jungle on his own and finds more adventure than he hoped for when he ends up inside the mouth of a whale.

When the Fly Flew In by Lisa Westburg Peters

Synopsis: Although a young child puts off cleaning the bedroom because all the family’s pets are asleep there, the sudden arrival of a zooming fly mysteriously gets the job done.

Craft – Tiger craft


September 20 It’s fun to make new friends!

No Dragons for Tea by Jean Pendzwal and Martine Gourbault

Synopsis: Dragon and his new friends learn about fire safety.

Engelbert Joins the Circus by Tom Paxton

Synopsis: After traveling from the jungle to America to visit his cousin in the circus, Engelbert accidentally ends up in the spotlight and steals the show.

Craft – Elephant craft


September 27 We all have love to give!

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

Synopsis: When Chester the raccoon is reluctant to go to kindergarten for the first time his Mother teaches him a secret way to carry her love with him.

Naming the Cat by Lawrence Pringle

Synopsis: A family considers many possibilities before coming up with a name that is just right for the cat that has come to live with them.

Craft – Raccoon mask


Parent Pre-School Activity Center

The table changes twice a month. We will have a new activity to enhance the five senses and further develop your child’s thought processes.  This is an activity where parent and child explore together.


Adult Programs


Computer Class for Seniors

September 4, 11, 18, and 25 @ 10:00 a.m.

We will focus on the Internet basics: 9/4 using the mouse, 9/11 overview, 9/18 browsers and searching, and 9/25 putting it all together.


Author Book Signing

September 13 @ 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.

Melissa Gibbons will be promoting her second book and will be available for book signings.


Coliseum Adult Program

September 19 @ 10:00 a.m.

“Wildflowers – Preservation Efforts”

Today we will be viewing a documentary on the preservation efforts Great Britain is undertaking to restore the once famous wildflower fields of their country.


Crochet Class

September 6 and 20 @ 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Come and learn how to crochet, and share what you have been making.



Adult Book Clubs


Southern Charms Book Club

September 13 @ 3:00 p.m.

Today we will be discussing A Piece of the World by Christina Kline.

Summary: This is a story of the woman depicted in the famous painting, Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth.  It describes her hardship living in the home that had been in her family for generations and of her relationship with the artist.  Then, we will receive our book for October titled The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.


Curious Genre Book Club

September 27 @ 3:00 p.m.

Don’t Go by Lisa Scottoline

Summary: When Dr. Mike Scanlon is called to serve as an army doctor in Afghanistan, he’s acutely aware of the dangers he’ll face and the hardships it will cause his wife, Chloe, and newborn baby. And, deep inside, he doesn’t think of himself as a warrior, but a healer.




“Free” Extracurricular Activities for Your Kids


Homework Assistance

September 4, 11, 18, and 25 @ 5:00 – 5:45 p.m.

We will offer homework assistance every Tuesday of the month. Our tutors offer assistance in Math, English, and Reading.  Students in grades 1 – 12 are invited.  Please bring your own materials and homework, or the lessons you will need assistance with.  Registration is required of students, and adults who are interested in tutoring  are invited to assist, with pre-registration required.


Color Coders

September 4 @ 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

All ages are invited

Join us as we color age appropriate coloring sheets using colored pencils. A variety of sheets will be available for you to choose from.  This is a great stress reducer, so come and melt away your stress!


Being Creative with Legos

September 11 and 25 @ 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Come join the fun and creativity in our Lego League.

Registration is required.


Tinkering Table

September 18 @ 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

The Tinkering Table is STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)

This program is geared to elementary students. Our first program during Fall will be a science experiment using acids and bases.


1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Register now for this powerful program geared toward boosting your infant’s brain power. Simply read to your child, birth to Kindergarten, every day with the goal of having read 1,000 books before they enter kindergarten.  You will keep track of each book read, and you will receive a reward after each 100 books read.  Find out more about this new program at the Coliseum Boulevard Branch Library.


Hampstead Library

Toddler Time

Mondays @ 10:00 a.m.

Ages 2 and Under


September 3: Library Closed for Labor Day. No Toddler Time.


September 10: In Hattie and the Fox by Mem Fox, Hattie the chicken is sure she sees a fox, but none of the animals in the barnyard believe her!


September 17: No Toddler Time. See you next week!


September 24: A tiger, a deep pit, and some tumbles create a lot of fun drama in Oh No! by Candace Fleming.


Story Time

Tuesdays @ 10:30 a.m.

Ages 3 and Up


September 4: Lulu Mae wants a dog, but her parents say no in My Dog’s a Chicken by Susan McElroy, and we’ll learn all about why Children Make Terrible Pets by Peter Brown.

Activity: Chicken Craft


September 11: Zoom, Zoom, Zoom—we’re going to the moon and beyond today in How to Catch a Star by Olive Jeffers and Mousetronaut by Mark Kelly.

Craft: Space Mobile


September 18: No Story Time. See you next week!


September 25: Tiny Little Fly (by Micheal Rosen) can cause a lot of trouble! We’ll also get into some deep trouble  in Oh no! by Candace Fleming.

Activity: Craft Buffett


Get STEAM’ed


Thursday, September 27 @ 3:30 p.m.

1st Grade and Up

STEAM’ed is a STEAM education class for kids in 1st grade and up. This month we will be engineering some bridges and a marshmallow catapult. Please register so we can have enough materials for everyone.


Ramer Library

September Storytime

These story times will be held at the Dunbar-Ramer School for Grades K-3

September 10-13


Monday, September 10: 3rd Grade- 1:00 p.m.

Students will create their own 3D parachutes and decorate them.


Tuesday, September 11: Kindergarten- 1:00 p.m.

Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

Let’s read about how a beautiful fish learns to share his prize possession with his friends. We will be doing a Rainbow Fish Craft


Wednesday, September 12: 2nd Grade- 1:30 p.m.

Mad Lib Story Sheet

Let’s have fun creating a funny and whacky mad lib story about a girl and boy’s trip to the library.


Thursday, September 13: 1st Grade- 1:30 p.m.

The Little School Bus

Here comes the school bus! Hop on in with a sleepy sheep, a squirmy worm, a hairy bear, a quick, quick chick, a fox with socks, a pig in a wig, and a goat in his coat and let’s head off to school. We will do a craft


Ramer Adult Programs


Wednesday, September 12, 11:00– “Staying Safe” by Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Let local law enforcement give you the latest updates on safety tips.


Wednesday, September 26, 11:00– Ramer Readin’ Right Book Club



Cover to Cover Book Club

Tuesday, September 4 @ 6:30 p.m.


Book Selection: Forged in Desire by Brenda Jackson

Summary: When good girl Margo Connelly becomes Lamar “Striker” Jennings’s latest assignment, she knows she’s in trouble. And not just because he’s been hired to protect her from an underworld criminal. The reformed bad boy’s appeal is breaching all her defenses, and as the threats against her increase, Margo isn’t sure which is more dangerous: the gangster targeting her, or the far too alluring protector tempting her to let loose.  Though Striker’s now living on the right side of the law, he’s convinced his troubled past keeps Margo out of his league. But physical chemistry explodes into full-blown passion when they go on the run together. Surrendering to desire could be a deadly distraction—or finally prove that he’s the only man qualified to keep her safe, and win her love. ~ Review from



Computer Lab Classes for the Month of September 2018



Tuesday adult classes are held on the first, second, and third Tuesdays of the month at 10:00 a.m.


September 4 – MS Excel-Part 1: Opening & Creating Workbooks

Learn how to create basic workbook files using Microsoft Excel 2016. Discover how to organize data more efficiently using spreadsheets.


September 11 – MS Excel-Part 2: Formatting and Modifying Workbooks

Discover how to modify column, rows, and format cells. Practice the different ways to duplicate, move, and edit data.


September 18 – MS Excel-Part3: More on Formatting Cells and Worksheet Basics

Learn how to format text and numbers in cells and learn the worksheet basics (setting print area, inserting headers/footers, page margins, etc.


September 25 – MS Excel-Part 4: Introduction to Formulas & Excel Functions

Let Excel do the math for you! Practice creating and applying formulas to your worksheets and learn how Excel functions work.



The first Saturday of every month is for 1st-4th Grades 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM  and 5th-8th Grades 11:00 AM- 12:30 PM


September 1 – MS Excel 2016

Students will learn how to create a simple budget with borders, clip art and word art.



Saturday adult classes are held on the third Saturday of every month at 10:00 a.m.


September 15 – Excel: Parts 1 & 2
Learn how to enter and edit data, change the appearance of your worksheets, and create calculations and charts based on your data.



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