Hampstead Announces August Programs!!

August 2018 Hampstead Programs


Toddler Time

Every Monday @ 10:00

For Children 2 and Under


August 6 – Toddler Time is all about bed time with the book Good Dog, Good Night by Mary Lyn Ray.

August 13 – We’ll shout and celebrate with Hooray for Today! by Brian Won.

August 20 – What’s that noise? It’s the horse giving everyone a ride in Clip-Clop by Nicola Smee!

August 27 – We’re all about sheep today with some classic rhymes and a sheep adventure with Sheep on a Ship.


Story Time

Every Tuesday @ 10:30

For Children 3 and Up


August 7 – Bear just wants to go to sleep but his neighbor won’t let him in Goodnight Already by Jory John and we’ll have more restful fun by reading the Napping House by Audrey Wood.

Activity: Napping Puppets

August 14 – Papillion (by A.N. Kang) is a cat with a very odd problem and a baby slug just wants a hug from his mom in Slug Needs a Hug by Jeanne Willis.

Activity: Animal Dress-up

August 21 – Bruce is a grumpy bear who lives with four geese, and we’ll figure out why in Mother Bruce and what kind of trouble going south for the winter can cause in Hotel Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins

Activity: Process Bears

August 28 – We’re going on some adventures with troublesome sheep in Nancy E. Shaw’s books Sheep on a Ship and Sheep on a Hike.

Activity: Making Sheep





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