MCCPL Announces September Events!!

Montgomery City-County Public Library

September 2017 Program


Pike Road Branch Library’s Programs


Friends of the Pike Road Branch Library Speaker Series

On Thursday, September 21 at 10 a.m., the Friends of the Pike Road Branch Library present native son and author Bobby Cole, discussing his new novels Old Money and Silent Approach.


Storybook Time

For age three through six

Mondays at 10:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.


At Storybook Time, we sing a few songs, read one or two picture books and make a craft. We will read the same books at 10:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Here is what we have planned for this month:


September 11 – Eddie lost his teddy bear in the woods, but, when he finds him, discovers that he has grown quite a bit since he last saw him. Is this really his teddy or might it belong to a certain real bear that is also looking for a missing pal? We’ll find out when we read Where’s My Teddy? by Jez Alborough.


September 18 – This Tuesday, September 19, be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! In celebration, Captain Matt Canary will read pirate stories including Pirates Don’t Change Diapers by Melinda Long and David Shannon. Wee buccaneers should feel free to come dressed in pirate garb!


September 25 – Gaston is a bulldog raised by a family of poodles. Antoinette is a poodle raised by a family of bulldogs. Will nature or nurture win out in these fascinating case studies? We’ll see what happens when we read Gaston and Antoinette by Kelly DiPucchio and Christian Robinson.


Toddler Time

For age one through three

Wednesdays at 10 a.m.


At Toddler Time, we sing songs, recite nursery rhymes and read one story each week. The dates will be:

September 6

September 13

September 20

September 27


Book Clubs

Book Maniaks – for children in third grade and up –On Wednesday, September 13 at 4:15 p.m., the Maniaks will discuss The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis.

Publisher’s Summary – Through dangers untold and caverns deep and dark, a noble band of friends is sent to rescue a prince held captive. But their mission to Underland brings them face-to-face with an evil more beautiful and more deadly than they ever expected.


Bookies – The Pike Road Bookies meet on the third Thursday of each month, except December. –On Thursday, September 21 at 9:15 a.m., they will discuss Silent Approach by Bobby Cole.

Publisher’s Summary – One year after witnessing the tragic traffic accident that claimed his beloved wife and unborn child, accountant John Allen Harper seeks to remake his life. When he accepts a position with the Mississippi Choctaw Nation as their cultural liaison, he is tasked with one job: to track down and reclaim the tribe’s stolen artifacts dug up from sacred ground and sold on the black market.

John Allen’s investigation leads him to crooked publisher Winston Walker, who’s using these priceless antiquities to prop himself up after a wealth-wasting divorce. Racing against time, John Allen finds a cache of treasures stolen thirty years ago that may hold the key to an unsolved murder and mysterious disappearance. Along the way, he teams up with FBI agent Emma Haden, who is also investigating Walker and who stirs unexpected feelings in John Allen. But the desperate Walker won’t go quietly, and the closer John Allen gets to the truth and the proof that will put Walker away, the closer he may come to being buried himself.


9585 Vaughn Road, Pike Road, AL 36064 – Phone: 244-8679


Bertha Williams

September 2017


Children’s Programs


Mondays and Tuesdays

Time: 10:00 AM


All storytimes will include song and dance so we can keep our bodies as active as our minds!



Sir Pete the Brave (Dean) is here to save the day! Little does he know The Dragon is Coming (Gorbachev)!


11 & 12

The Three Little Pigs (Zemach) are trying to build their homes without being bothered by a pesky wolf, while The Three Billy Goats Gruff (Rounds) just want to get home without being bothered by pesky trolls.


18 & 19

If You Give a Cat a Cupcake (Numeroff) he may ask you How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food (Yolen) and then you’ll have to come to story time to find out.


25 & 26

Piglet and Papa (Wild) love each other, but sometimes those messages get missed. But it’s alright, because I Love It When You Smile (McBratney).



Young Adult Programs

Mid-Afternoon Movie

Third Friday

Sept 15

Time: 3:00pm

Joins us for a mid afternoon movie after work or school. Bring snacks, suggest titles for future viewings, talk with friends or make new ones. Movies will be PG-13 rating or lower, but parents are responsible for researching movie before allowing children to view.


Movie: Doctor Strange (PG-13)

Run time: 1h55min



Adult Program


Scrabble Time

First Tuesday

Sept 5 **New Day**

Time: 2:00pm

Description: Come over to Bertha Williams Library and play Scrabble with us. We have plenty of dictionaries for you to brush up on your vocabulary and the Jumble in the Montgomery Advertiser is helpful too! See how sharp your Scrabble skills are against the librarians or just play for fun!


Author Talk with Julian McPhillips

Sept 13

Time: 10:00am

Description: Join us for a discussion of Julian McPhillips’s previous book Civil Rights in my Bones as well as his upcoming work. Some refreshment will be provided.


Author Bio: Julian L. McPhillips Jr. was born in Birmingham, Alabama, grew up in Cullman, and attended Sewanee Military Academy, Princeton, and Columbia University Law. After four years as a Wall Street attorney, Julian returned to Alabama in 1975 as an Assistant Attorney General. His private law practice from 1977 to date has involved considerable civil rights and public interest work. Julian is the subject of the twice-published People’s Lawyer, 2000 and 2005, and an autobiography, Civil Rights in My Bones. He has won numerous awards from the SCLC, NAACP, and other civil rights groups. Julian is also co-founder (with his wife Leslie) of the Scott and Zelda Museum and lay minister/administrator of Christ the Redeemer Episcopal Church. Julian has been married to Leslie for 42 years. They have two married daughters, Rachel and Grace, one son David, and three grandchildren.


Rosa Parks Page Turners Book Club

Second Wednesday

Sept 13

Time: 11:00am

Title: Pegasus

Author: Danielle Steel

Description: Danielle Steel tells the story of a family reinventing itself in America, while the country they left behind is engulfed in flames and madness, and men like Alex von Hemmerle are forced to make unbearable choices. Alex’s daughter will find sanctuary in England. In America, Nick will find love, his sons will find a future, and their left-behind world will eventually find them. A novel of hope and sacrifice, of tragedy, challenge, and rebirth, Pegasus is a brilliant family chronicle that unfolds across half a century—a masterwork from one of our most beloved writers. ~Dust Jacket


Genealogy Sessions

Fridays (except holidays)

10:30-11:15 AND 2:30-3:15


Pre-registration IS required.

Sign up for a one on one genealogy session with librarian Amy Campbell. She’ll show you beginning tips and tricks for tracing your ancestry. If you’ve already been working on your tree, find ways to digitize your information to keep better track during your research. Email, Call, or come in to set up your 45 minute session.




Governor’s Square Branch Library

Preschool Storytime Schedule

Tuesdays @ 10:00 a.m.


Sept. 5: Grandparents Are Great!

Children will enjoy discussing their grandparents, then hearing the stories

When I Was Young and Grandma, Grandpa and Me. After that, they will

do a coloring activity.


Sept. 12: What is a Patriot?

The children will move and march to patriotic music, then learn more

being patriots, when Ms. Anita reads the stories  The Scrambled States

of America and The American Flag.   Then the children will enjoy

making a bookmark craft.


Sept. 19:   It’s Almost Autumn

                   The children will love the stories Leaf Man and Possum’s Harvest

Moon, then do a craft.


Sept. 26:   Autumn Movie Day

The children will be delighted to watch the movie “Johnny Appleseed”

and sample a treat. There will be a coloring activity following the




Book Bunch Book Club Meeting

September 13 @ 2:00 p.m.


Book Bunch members will discuss The Nightingale, by best-selling author Kristin Hannah. It is an epic love story and family drama set at the dawn of World War II.

Book Jacket Summary: “Viann and Isabelle have always been close despite their differences. Younger, bolder sister Isabelle lives in Paris while Viann lives a quiet and content life in the French countryside with her husband Antoine and their daughter. When World War II strikes and Antoine is sent off to fight, Viann and Isabelle’s father sends Isabelle to help her older sister cope. As the war progresses, it’s not only the sisters’ relationship that is tested, but also their strength and their individual senses of right and wrong. With life as they know it changing in unbelievably horrific ways, Viann and Isabelle will find themselves facing frightening situations and responding in ways they never thought possible as bravery and resistance take different forms in each of their actions. Vivid and exquisite in its illumination of a time and place that was filled with great monstrosities, but also great humanity and strength, Kristin Hannah’s novel will provoke thought and discussion that will have readers talking long after they turn the last page”



Rufus A. Lewis Regional Library


Wednesdays @ 10:00 a.m.


September 6

Caps For Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina

A band of mischievous monkeys steals every one of a peddler’s caps while he takes a nap under a tree.

Activity: Making Hats

September 13

Adventures of the Itty Bitty Spider and the Itty Bitty Mouse by Kimberly Johnson

A mouse and a spider pass by many friends and neighbors on their way to the store, where they find a chipmunk who is stealing and teach him the right thing to do.

Activity: Coloring Activity


September 20

Help! A Story of Friendship by Holly Keller

Mouse hears a rumor that snakes do not like mice and while trying to avoid his former friend, Snake, he falls into a hole from which neither Hedgehog, Squirrel, nor Rabbit can help him out.

Activity: Friendship Bracelets


September 27

Mrs. Chicken and the Hungry Crocodile by Won-Ldy-Paye

When a crocodile captures Mrs. Chicken and takes her to an island to fatten her up, clever Mrs. Chicken claims that she can prove they are sisters and that, therefore, the crocodile shouldn’t eat her.

Activity: Coloring Activity


Rufus A. Lewis Regional Library

Young Adult Programming for September
Mondays in September (18, 25) Homework Assistance @ 6pm If you’ve got to do homework, might as well do it at the library. We have volunteer tutors, expert researchers, and can our librarians can point you in the right direction to finding the arc length of a polar curve. If you are part of a school club or Greek society, consider sharing what you’ve learned in school and earning volunteer hours!


Second Monday in September (11) Rufus Lewis YA Bookclub @ 4pm

Our Young Adult Bookclub will begin meeting the second Monday of every month starting in September. We promote reading of all types: Ebooks, Audiobooks, Graphic Novels, cinema, series or standalone works. If it has a story, we read it! Come join and talk about what your reading, what you love… what you hate… what you can’t get past the first page.


Tuesdays in September (5, 12, 19, 26) Young Adult Coding Club @4 pm

Ever wanted to learn how computers work? Have an idea for the next great app? Come join us as we explore the world of coding! No experience necessary.


Thursdays in September (7, 14, 21, 28)     Afternoon Anime @ 4 pm

Description: Thanks to the folks at we will be watching some great anime episodes this week.  Refreshments will be provided.


Fridays in September (8, 15, 22, 29)        Friday Film @ 4 pm

Description: Join us for popcorn, soda, and a great movie! Every Friday we will watch a feature film decided by participants at the previous week’s showing!


Every Day in September: Color Therapy

Description: Our Library has access to an extensive collection of coloring sheets. Take your mind off the week’s stress and relax. Come by our circulation desk and ask for the week’s selection.


Rufus A. Lewis Adult Programming


Computer Class

Thursday, September 7, 14, 21, 28

Library Staff, Instructors   

All levels of experience are welcome in this low stress, community approach to computer literacy.


Scrapbooking @ 12 Noon

Thursday, September 7, 14, 21, 28

Mrs. Alberta Riley, Retired Educator, Presenter

Description: Learn the techniques of telling stories of your memories through the art of scrapbooking using words, paper, glue, photos, etc. Attendees are encouraged to provide material for this program.  Please contact staff @ (334)240-4848 for a list of recommended materials.

Presenter: Mrs. Alberta Riley, Retired Educator


After 5 Book Club – Book Discussion

Monday, September 11 @ 6 P.M.

Title: Sin Of A Woman: A Curtis Black Novel by Kimberla Lawson Roby

 Summary: After her very public divorce from Dillon, Raven Black is recovering nicely.  Dillon has done everything he can to discredit her, but Raven has learned from her mistakes and him.  She’s intent on using every bit of Dillon’s revenge and betrayal, as she prepares to take what is hers and more.



Yoga @ The Library 6:00 P.M.                              

Tuesday, September 12, 26

Mrs. Susan Enzweiler, Registered Yoga Teacher, Instructor

Description: This course is an introduction to the ancient practice of Yoga. Through a series of gentle Yoga Poses, participants will experience a sense of well-being and relaxation.  Comfortable, form-fitting, but stretchy clothing is recommended.  Participants of all levels of health, mobility, and flexibility are encouraged to attend as Yoga Poses can be adapted for comfort.


Exploitation of the Elderly

Tuesday, September 19 @ 10:00 A.M.

Cynthia White, Regional Agent II, Presenter

Staff from Alabama Cooperative Extension System will be available to discuss and answer questions regarding the following:

Signs of Elder Abuse

Financial Abuse


Financial Fraud


Coliseum Blvd Branch Library

Story Time

840 Coliseum Blvd.


Thursday at 10:00 am


Sept. 7     Could you find your way home?

The Way Home, by Judith Benet Richardson

Unable to convince her baby to leave the beach where they have spent the day

playing, a mother elephant uses inventive means to draw her young one away to

home and safety.

Stripe, by Joanne Partis

Stripe strolls into the jungle on his own and finds more adventures than he hoped

for when he’s chased by stinging bees and snapping crocodiles and ends up in the

mouth of a whale.

Craft – Elephant craft

                 #Today we will be accepting name suggestions from our Story Time children for our           

                 “Name the Giraffe” contest.


Sept. 14   We help those we love!

Peter’s Pockets, by Eve Rice

Peter’s new pants don’t have any pockets, so Uncle Nick lets Peter use his until Peter’s

mother solves the problem.

 Hugo at the Park, by Anne Rockwell

Hugo the Labrador puppy goes for a walk in the park with his human friend and sees

many interesting things.

Craft – Dog craft

                 #Today we will be announcing the winner of our “Name the Giraffe” contest.


Sept. 21   Can you turn bad things into good things?

Olivia Meets Olivia, adapted by Ellie O’Ryan

Olivia meets a new classmate named Olivia, and she does not like sharing her name.

Olivia Takes a Trip, by Ellie O’Ryan

Olivia’s trip by airplane is cancelled, so she uses her imagination to make things


Craft – Pig craft


Sept. 28   Be creative!

The Counting Race, by Margaret McNamara

When Mrs. Conner challenges her first grade students to count to 10 in less than one

second, they work together to find a way to count that will beat the clock.

Eency Weency Spider, by Joanne Oppenheim

After climbing the water spout, Eency Weency Spider meets Little Miss Muffet,

Humpty Dumpty, and Little Jack Horner.

Craft – Spider craft


“Free” Extracurricular Activities for Your Kids


Fun with Ukuleles

September 6, 2017

4:30 pm

Come join a ukulele jam and share in the fun of making music together.

See the Facebook page “Dewberry Jam” for ongoing educational links and announcements.


Being Creative with Legos

Come join the fun and creativity in our Lego League.

September 12 and September 26

4:00 – 5:00 pm


The Tinkering Table

September 15, 2017

4:00 – 5:00 pm

Come join us as we help develop your creative abilities. Once a month, on the third Friday of the month, we will have an activity that will enhance the arts or encourage your engineering skills by providing math and science projects.


Homework Assistance

Our program will begin September 12, and then we will meet every Tuesday from 5:00 – 5:45 pm. Our tutors offer assistance in Math, English, and Reading.  Students in grades 1 – 12 are invited.  Please bring your own materials and homework, or the lesson you will need assistance with.

Registration is required of students, and adults who are interested in tutoring are invited to assist, with pre-registration required.


Adult Programs


Arts and Crafts for Adults

September 6, 2017

10:00 am

Come join Carol Gandy as she teaches us to make beautiful pine cone flowers. All materials will be provided.


Genealogical Research – Ancestry Library Edition

Each Thursday from 10:00 – 12:00, you can register for an appointment with our volunteer.

She will guide you in how to get started with Ancestry or your next steps. You must pre-register to assure our volunteer will be available to assist.  271-7005


Computer Class for Seniors

September 5, 12, 19, and 26

10:00 am

We will be concentrating on Microsoft Power Point during the month of September.

Pre-registration is required.   271-7005


Coliseum Adult Program

September 20, 2017

10:00 am

Sara Dubose, author

Sara Dubose will be discussing “Be Anxious for Nothing”, and she will also touch on her other

5 books. She is a Montgomery author and you will be in for a real treat.


Fiber Arts

September 21, 2017

3:00 pm

Do you have something you can teach, or would you like to learn how to do something? We still have looms and yarn, so bring your knitting needles and crochet hooks. Also, bring any projects you are working on that you would like to share.


Tai Chi Classes

We will be offering Tai Chi classes September 11, 18, 25, and October 2 from 10:00 – 11:00 am. This will be a 4 week introduction to Tai Chi taught by Jim Caldwell.  You will need to come by to pre-register and complete a waiver before attending any of these classes.


Adult Book Clubs


Southern Charms Book Club

September 14, 2017

3:00 pm

Today we will be discussing “In the Name of the Family”, by Sarah Dunant. In this novel, she offers a thrilling exploration of the House of Borgia’s final years, in the company of a young diplomat named Niccolo Machiavelli.  Then, we will receive our book for October titled, “All the Light We Cannot See”, by Anthony Doerr.



Eastbrook Mystery Book Club

September 28, 2017

3:00 pm

We will discuss “Tishomingo Blues”, by Elmore Leonard. Daredevil Dennis Lenahan has brought his act to the Tishomingo Lodge & Casino in Tunica, Mississippi — diving off an eighty-foot ladder into nine feet of water for the amusement of gamblers, gangsters, and luscious belles. His riskiest feat, however, was witnessing a Dixie-style mob execution while atop his diving platform.



Banned Book Week

September 25 – 29

Have a date with a banned book from our collection of books which have been wrapped to secure their identity.


Think Outside the Lines


We are thinking outside the lines this week at the Coliseum Branch Library by providing fun and informative programming. Come see what we have planned.


September 11, 2017

Angels for the Elderly Nursing Home

We will be reading short stories to the residents today.


September 12, 2017

4:00 – 5:00 pm

Lego League

Today we will be designing a 21st century library with our Legos today.  There will be a prize awarded to the most creative design.


September 13, 2017

10:00 am

Relief by Reeves

William Reeves, a massage therapist, will be on hand to relieve everyday tensions by offering free chair massages to our patrons.


September 14, 2017

Story Time

10:00 am

We will be having a fun and educational program today, so come join the fun.

We will also be announcing the winner of our “Name the Giraffe Contest”.


September 14, 2017

Southern Charms Book Club

3:00 pm

Today we will be discussing “In the Name of the Family”, by Sarah Dunant. In this novel, she offers a thrilling exploration of the House of Borgia’s final years, in the company of a young diplomat named Niccolo Machiavelli.  We will also be serving cannoli to our members who read “In the Name of the Family” to celebrate the joys of Italian pastries while discussing this historical fiction of the Borgia family.


September 15, 2017

The Tinkering Table

4:00 – 5:00 pm

Come join us as we help develop your creative abilities. Once a month, on the third Friday of the month, we will have an activity that will enhance the arts or encourage your engineering skills by providing math and science projects.


EL Lowder Regional Library

September 2017

Story Time

Fridays @ 10:15 a.m.


Library Tour

Friday, September 1

Lola at the Library by Anna McQuinn

Lola is so excited about Tuesdays because she and her mother go to the library. She attends Story Time and gets to check out any book that she wants to read. What is your favorite thing about the library?

Respect and Take Care of Things by Cheri Meiners

This book teaches you that if you respect and take care of your things they will last longer. Everything has a place and there is a place for everything.

Mr. Wiggle’s Library by Carol Thompson

Mr. Wiggle goes to the library and takes a tour.

Would you like a tour with Mr. Wiggle?

Activity: Library Tour



Teddy Bear Sleepover

Friday, September 8

Amelia Bedelia, Bookworm by Herman Parish

Amelia Bedelia is so silly she seems to get things all mixed up. She tries to help the librarian, but it turns out incorrect. Like making actual jackets for the books. Come find out what other funny things that happen when we read this book.


Where’s My Teddy?  by Jez Alborough

Eddie is looking for his teddy named Freddie. Eddie finds this big teddy, but it’s not his. What happens when the owner comes for his teddy?

Activity: Bookmarks (Bring Teddy for a teddy bear sleepover.)


Bring your teddy bear to Story Time on September 8th for a sleepover. Teddy Bear will have overnight adventures in the library from September 8th to September 15th. Pick up Teddy, read to him, and view all the great adventures Teddy had at the Library at story time on September 15th.


Pajama Day

Friday, September 15

Bedtime for Bear by Brett Helquist

Bear is ready to hibernate and go to sleep until Spring, but his friends really want him to play just one more day. Does he play with his friends or does he sleep?

A Bedtime for Bear by Bonny Becker

Bear has never had a guest spend the night with him until Mouse stays the night over. Bear is used to it being absolutely quiet, but Mouse tests Bear’s patients. Do you sleep in abso-lute silence or do you have noise?

Activity: Bear Art/Read a story to your Teddy Bear


Talk Like a Pirate Day

Friday, September 22

Captain Matt Canary, librarian from Pike Road Branch, will be here to teach you the ways of the pirates. He will be reading “Pirates Don’t Change Diapers” and “How I Become a Pirate” by Melinda Long.

Activity: create a pirate hat



Friday, September 29

Pick a Pet by Diane Namm

Which pet is right for this little girl? She starts out by going to the zoo and ends up at the pet store. Which one does she bring home?

Children Make Terrible Pets by Peter Brown

Lucy finds a child and decides to take him home to be her pet. Her mother warns her that children make terrible pets. Why do you think children make terrible pets and can Lucy prove her mother wrong?

Activity: Bring an object to Show and Tell (nothing live please)



Lap Sit Time @ Lowder Library

Thursdays @10:00 a.m.

September 7

My World by Margaret Wise Brown

Do you remember the book Good Night Moon? The same bunny family in Good Night Moon is comparing this is mine and this is yours. Example: Mommy’s bed and my bed. Daddy’s toothbrush and my toothbrush. It is about children discovering their world.


September 14

Shapes That Go by Scholastic

Do you ever think about the vehicles that we drive and see on the road? After reading this book you should be able to talk about the shapes that you see on cars and trucks. It also teaches about colors.


September 21

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Turn Around by Penny Dann

“Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around is a book that teaches your child how to do things.  For instance touch their nose, turn around and touch the ground.


September 28

Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr.

This book introduces children to different animals by the use of rhymes.



Other Happenings at Lowder Regional Library in September


September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month so all the Librarians at the EL Lowder Regional Library would like to invite those residents of Montgomery County to drop by Lowder or any of the other ten locations and get your very own MCCPL library card! For verification we will need a picture ID and your present address.  If your Driver’s License has your present address on it that’s all we need.  If you’ve moved and not updated your address we can still use an unexpired Driver’s License but we will also need two “official” pieces of mail with the same name and the new address on it.  Examples are Car Tag Receipts, Leases, Mortgages, Pay Stubs,


September starts new programs and jumpstarts old ones!


The Ladies of High Tea will continue to meet the First Tuesday of the Month at 3PM—Tuesday, September 5th at 3PM the Ladies will meet to discuss Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.


The unassuming young heroine of Rebecca finds her life changed overnight when she meets Maxim de Winter, a handsome and wealthy widower whose sudden proposal of marriage takes her by surprise. Rescuing her from an overbearing employer, de Winter whisks her off to Manderley, his isolated estate on the windswept Cornish coast–but there things take a chilling turn. Max seems haunted by the memory of his glamorous first wife, Rebecca, whose legacy is lovingly tended by the sinister housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers. As the second Mrs. de Winter finds herself increasingly burdened by the shadow of her mysterious predecessor, she becomes determined to uncover the dark secrets that threaten her happiness, no matter the cost.


In October the Ladies will discuss Saving Ceecee Honeycutt: A Novel by Beth Hoffman.


Twelve-year-old CeeCee Honeycutt is in trouble. For years, she has been the caretaker of her mother, Camille, the town’s tiara-wearing, lipstick-smeared laughingstock, a woman who is trapped in her long-ago moment of glory as the 1951 Vidalia Onion Queen of Georgia. When tragedy strikes, Tootie Caldwell, CeeCee’s long-lost great-aunt, comes to the rescue and whisks her away to Savannah. There, CeeCee is catapulted into a perfumed world of prosperity and Southern eccentricity—one that appears to be run entirely by strong, wacky women. From the exotic Miz Thelma Rae Goodpepper, who bathes in her backyard bathtub and uses garden slugs as her secret weapons; to Tootie’s all-knowing housekeeper, Oletta Jones; to Violene Hobbs, who entertains a local police officer in her canary-yellow peignoir, the women of Gaston Street keep CeeCee entertained and enthralled for an entire summer. A timeless coming of age novel set in the 1960s, Saving CeeCee Honeycutt explores the indomitable strengths of female friendship, and charts the journey of an unforgettable girl who loses one mother, but finds many others in the storybook city of Savannah. As Kristin Hannah, author of Fly Away, says, Beth Hoffman’s sparkling debut is “packed full of Southern charm, strong women, wacky humor, and good old-fashioned heart.”


Due to availability please note that schedules and selections are subject to change without notice.


Stitch and Share is back! The fourth Thursday in the month – September 28th – 3PM-530PM bring your quilting, knitting, crocheting, embroidery projects to work on..


The Young Classic Book Club will meet from 4PM to 5PM the first Thursday of each month, September’s date is September 7th and the book is: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.


Guy Montag is a fireman. In his world, where television rules and literature is on the brink of extinction, firemen start fires rather than put them out. His job is to destroy the most illegal of commodities, the printed book, along with the houses in which they are hidden. Montag never questions the destruction and ruin his actions produce, returning each day to his bland life and wife, Mildred, who spends all day with her television “family.” But then he meets an eccentric young neighbor, Clarisse, who introduces him to a past where people didn’t live in fear and to a present where one sees the world through the ideas in books instead of the mindless chatter of television. When Mildred attempts suicide and Clarisse suddenly disappears, Montag begins to question everything he has ever known. He starts hiding books in his home, and when his pilfering is discovered, the fireman has to run for his life.


In October, on October 5th the Young Classic Book Club will discuss Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.


Few creatures of horror have seized readers’ imaginations and held them for so long as the anguished monster of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The story of Victor Frankenstein’s terrible creation and the havoc it caused has enthralled generations of readers and inspired countless writers of horror and suspense. Considering the novel’s enduring success, it is remarkable that it began merely as a whim of Lord Byron’s.

“We will each write a story,” Byron announced to his next-door neighbors, Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin and her lover Percy Bysshe Shelley. The friends were summering on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland in 1816, Shelley still unknown as a poet and Byron writing the third canto of Childe Harold. When continued rains kept them confined indoors, all agreed to Byron’s proposal. The illustrious poets failed to complete their ghost stories, but Mary Shelley rose supremely to the challenge. With Frankenstein, she succeeded admirably in the task she set for herself: to create a story that, in her own words, “would speak to the mysterious fears of our nature and awaken thrilling horror — one to make the reader dread to look round, to curdle the blood, and quicken the beatings of the heart.”


Selections are taken from Required Reading Lists and please note that schedules and selections are subject to change without prior notice.


Lowder’s Friends and Family Chess club meets every Saturday 10AM to 1245PM (All children must be picked up by our 1PM closing time). If you have ever wanted to learn how to play chess or if you have been looking for a place to play join us each Saturday.  All ages and levels are welcome!  There is no need to pre-register, just show up on Saturday.  If Chess Club is canceled we will post a sign on the door as soon as we know ourselves.


Gamer’s Club meets the second Friday afternoon of the month. You must pre-register to play either a 330PM to 430PM slot or 430PM to 530PM slot.  Parents must stay in the Main Area during play time.  Join us Friday, September 8th!


Registration is also required for the Lowder Lego League on the third Friday afternoon of the month 4PM-5PM. Participants under the age of 8 must have an adult present with them while they play.  Participants older than 8 must have an adult with them as well, but adult may wait in the Main Area of the library.  Complete rules are available at the Circulation Desk.  Come and sign up for September 15th, 2017!


Open Mic night is back! Join us the third Monday of the month at 6PM to “show your stuff!”  If you can sing or dance, if you write poetry, or if you like to make people laugh sign up by 5PM the day of the program and show us what you can do!  As always this is a family oriented program so nothing offensive to little (or big) ears and we never ever criticize.  Join us Monday, September 18th, 2017.


Come be a part of DEACT! And just what is DEACTMAL?  Drop Everything And Color (in the Main Area of Lowder)!  All ages are invited to come and spend the hour coloring.  Monthly we will have a different theme and in September we will celebrate the Autumn Season.  Join us Thursday, September 14th from 4PM-5PM.


Homework Help Returns to Lowder Wednesday, September 13th, 6PM-730PM.  Everyone must fill out a new registration each year and they may be picked up at the Circulation Desk.  Textbooks, worksheets, and assignments must be brought to every session in order for students to receive assistance.  We are also taking applications at the Circulation Desk for Homework Helpers at this time.


We are pleased to announce a new Lap Sit Time! It is for ages 0 to 1 year every Thursday 10am to 1015m for a Librarian led Lap Sit time and then from 1015am to 1030am the parent will read board books to their children.  Our first program is Thursday, September 7, 2017 (10am-1030am).  There is no craft associated with this program.


Our regular Preschool Story Time returns Friday, September 1, 2017 at 1015am. All ages are welcome but please remember that programming is geared towards ages 3 to 5.  The usual program is to read a couple of books interspaced with songs and movement ending with a craft activity.


Join us Tuesdays, beginning September 5, 2017 from 4pm to 5pm for a new program – Study Break! We would like to invite everyone, from elementary to college age to drop by and take a study break by playing a board game, putting together a puzzle, coloring a picture, or even filling a page with doodles!


We are excited to announce that we are going to be offering Help Me! Computer Classes for senior adults the 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays of the month from 930am to 1030am.  Pre-registration is required no later than 24 hours in advance of the class.  The first class will be Computer Basics on Tuesday, September 12, 2017.




Ramer Branch Library



Wednesday, September 13, 11:00- “Alabama Needs Your History” by Haley Aaron, Alabama Department of Archives and History. Learn how important it is to share your family and community history with others.


Wednesday, September 27, 11:00- Ramer Readin’ Right Book Club





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