Bertha Williams Library Announces Summer Schedule!!



JUNE 7-JULY 26, 2017




JUNE 7 – Amanda McBride, Alabama Historical Society

Archaeology helps understand our past better so we can build a better future by learning about our past


JUNE 14 – Engine 2, Montgomery Fire Department

Firefighters help people and keep us safe. Learn what they do and how they do it, see a real fire truck!


JUNE 21 – Donna and John Woodfin, The Fish and Aquarium Maintenance Service, etc.

Animals help us by working with us, as well as improving our lives as pets. Learn about different animals, their care, and how they help.


JUNE 28 – Stacey Vandortrecht, S & B Apiaries

Not only are bees natural builders, but they also provide us with food by pollinating most of our food crops. Bees are also in danger. Find out how you can build like a bee by protecting them.


July 5 – No program

Get caught reading!


July 12 – The Talking Tree, Clean City Commission

What do trees do to make the world a better place?


July 19 – Roosevelt Robinson, Extension Services

Mr. Robinson will talk about wildlife and forestry management.


July 26 – Vernon Turner, WSFA Weatherman

Being able to warn people about dangerous weather patterns helps reduce the damage done to people and property by alerting us to the need to prepare and/or evacuate.


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