Williams Library Announces February Adult Programs!!

Bertha Williams

February 2017


Adult Programs


*Motown Mondays

Every Monday in February

Feb 6, 13, 27 *closed 20th for Presidents’ Day

Time: 2-6pm

Description: Come groove with us to that good back in the day music as we play Motown music at background levels. There will definitely be swinging and swaying, and “records” playing, but we can’t guarantee dancing in the streets. Feel free to check out our bulletin board about Black Alabama Musicians while you tap your toes. Music may be turned down or off at request so as not to disturb people working.


*Cleveland Avenue Bus

Feb 7

Time: 10am-12pm

Decription: The Cleveland Avenue Bus will be on loan from MATS for photo opportunities and a look inside at this historical replica of the bus Rosa Parks rode, on the same street and past the same library! Bus will be stationary, but is an excellent photo opportunity.


*Lynching in America

Feb 8

Time: 10:00 am

Description: Ms. Kiara Boone from the Equal Justice Initiative will come and talk about the history of lynching in the South as well as work on the memorial to commemorate victims of racial terrorism.


Rosa Parks Page Turners Book Club

Second Wednesday

Feb 8

Time: 11:00am

Title: Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League

Author: Jonathan Odell

Description: Set in pre-Civil Rights Mississippi, and inspired by his Mississippi childhood, Odell tells the story of two young mothers, Hazel and Vida. Embittered and distrusting, Vida is harassed by Delphi’s racist sheriff and haunted by the son she lost to the world. Hazel, too, has lost a son and can’t keep a grip on her fractured life. After drunkenly crashing her car into a manger scene while gunning for the baby Jesus, Hazel is sedated and bed-ridden. Hazel’s husband hires Vida to keep tabs on his unpredictable wife and to care for his sole surviving son. Forced to spend time together with no one else to rely on, the two women find they have more in common than they thought, and together they turn the town on its head. It is the story of a town, a people, and a culture on the verge of a great change that begins with small things, like unexpected friendship. ~Dust Jacket






Free Legal Clinic


Feb 9

Time: 3:00pm-5:00pm


The Montgomery Volunteer Lawyers Program will offer free legal services for civil cases (bankruptcy, divorce, child support, landlord/tenant issues, public benefits, etc.). If you have questions about what may be eligible, please contact Barbara Ann at 265-0222 ext 2.


*Josephine McCall, Author Talk

Feb 13

Time: 11:15pm

Description: Josephine McCall will talk about her book The Penalty for Success: My Father Was Lynched in Lowndes County. In recounting her father’s story, Mrs. McCall explores her ancestral roots, dating back to the pre-civil war era, and the evolution of her family to a status of entrepreneurs during the 1940s in the heart of the Alabama Black Belt. She places her narrative in the historical context of the Lowndes County she knew as a child and had to, in her words, “escape from” with her mother and siblings in order to save their lives. Through years of research, including interviews with relatives and elderly Lowndes County residents, Mrs. Bolling sought and found answers to many troubling questions that she had about her family, especially about events in her father’s life. Her journey of discovery presents a revealing narrative of a time, a place, and a people that challenges us to rethink the reality of life for both blacks and whites in a rural, southern community.


Scrabble Time

Second Tuesday

Feb 14

Time: 2:00pm

Description: Come over to Bertha Williams Library and play Scrabble with us. We have plenty of dictionaries for you to brush up on your vocabulary and the Jumble in the Montgomery Advertiser is helpful too! See how sharp your Scrabble skills are against the librarians or just play for fun!


Mid-Afternoon Movie

Third Friday

Feb 17

Time: 3:30pm

Join us for a mid-afternoon movie after work or school. Bring snacks, suggest titles for future viewings, talk(quietly) with friends or make new ones. Movies will be PG-13 rating or lower, but parents are responsible for researching movie before allowing children to view.


Movie: The Wiz (1978)

Run time: 2 hr 16 min








*Fourth Friday Cook Up

Feb 24

Time: 4:00 PM

Audience: Adult

Description: Bring dishes from recipes selected on a theme. This month is African and African American inspired dishes. Celebrate these rich cultures through one of our favorite activities, eating! Prior registration is not required, but is encouraged so that we don’t have too much salad/bread/dessert (no such thing).


Participation is required for partaking, but if you can’t cook feel free to bring plates, cups, tin foil, and/or plastic forks. Not sure what we need? Give us a call 240-4979.


Senior Bingo

Last Monday

Feb 27

Time: 10:00 AM

Audience: Seniors/Adults

Description: Seniors are invited to have fun playing an hour of Bingo @ Bertha P. Williams Rosa Parks Avenue Branch. An assortment of prizes will be available.


Genealogy Sessions

Fridays (except holidays)

10:30-11:15 AND 2:30-3:15


Pre-registration IS required.

Sign up for a one on one genealogy session with librarian Amy Campbell. She’ll show you beginning tips and tricks for tracing your ancestry. If you’ve already been working on your tree, find ways to digitize your information to keep better track during your research. Email, Call, or come in to set up your 45 minute session.



Young Adult Programs


February 2, 16, 23

*We will not have class on the 9th due to alternate programming

Time: 4:00-5:00

Description: Join JP da Poet in this workshop class about slam poetry and how to write and perform it. We recommend bringing a dedicated notebook and pens, but can provide pen and paper if necessary.


Children’s Programs

Reading Rockets (Literacy Tutors)

Mondays (except holidays)

Time: 3:30pm-4:30pm


Description: In partnership with the Prattville Community Development Incorporation, we’re pleased to offer reading tutors for children and adults. If you or your children need assistance in learning to read or read more fluently, please take advantage of this free program. Questions about the program should be directed to Annail Fort (334) 233-0818.


Lego Club

Third Friday

Feb 17

Time: 3:30 PM

Audience: Children

Description: Come get creative and play with our set of legos!



Mondays AND Tuesdays

Time: 10:00 AM


All storytimes will include song and dance so we can keep our bodies as active as our minds! For February we’ll be reading stories from Africa or based on African and African American folktales and other black cultures. Come celebrate the richness of black storytelling.


6th and 7th*

We will read and act out several of Aesop’s fables from a collection by Michael Hague and another by Beverley Naidoo. We’ll also learn where these stories originated.

*There will be a short story time on the 7th as we will have the Cleveland Avenue Bus. We encourage children young and old, or those just interested, to come by and check it out.


13th and 14th

Today we’re focused on African music with Leopard’s Drum (Jessica Souhami) and The Singing Man (Angela Shelf Medearis). We’ll have a special dance time listening to African music.



Tricksters are important in every culture, but there’s no trickster like Anansi the Spider! First we’ll hear about how Anansi Does the Impossible (Verna Aardema) so he can bring down stories from the sky god. Then we’ll enjoy his antics as he plays tricks on his friends in Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock (Eric A. Kimmel).


27th and 28th

Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters (John Steptoe) is about how kindness is rewarded when a king seeks his queen between two sisters. In The Orphan Boy (Tololwa Mollel) an old man is helped by an orphan boy until his curiosity gets the better of him.



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