Lewis Library Announces September Story Times!!

Rufus A. Lewis Regional Library

September 2016

Story Time

 Wednesdays @ 10:00 a.m.  



September 7th – Preschooler will become familiar with author Mo Willems’ books. They will learn how to play with others after reading Are You Ready to Play Outside! In this title, Gerald the elephant learns to play with Piggie. In Pigs Make Me Sneeze!, Gerald the elephant is allergic to Piggie. Children will also enjoy songs, coloring sheets or craft.


September 14th – Sara Kanau, Alabama Department of Archives, will be presenting “Alabamians and the Olympics.” Come learn about people of Alabama that have competed in the Olympics. An activity and one of Sara’s favorite exercises will follow!


September 21st – It’s all about the noise the animals make. Children will make noise with the following titles:  Oink! Moo! How Do You Do? by Grace Maccarone and Wait for Me, Little Tiger! by Julie Sykes. Children will also enjoy songs and coloring sheets.


September 28th – “Oh my, I feel so sleepy!” “No mommy I am not tired.” Join us as we discuss with preschoolers the joy of nap time with The Napping House by Aubrey Woods. There will be songs and a craft as well.




Afternoon Fun Time

Every Wednesday

@ 4:15pm – 4:45pm

Come join Rufus A. Lewis Regional Library and the Montgomery Therapeutic Center for an afternoon of fun and activities. Enjoy story time, games, and movies to help relax from a day at school.


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