New Books @ Your Library!

“Art Of X-Ray Reading” by Roy Clark
“Black Calhouns” by Gail Buckley
“Dream Cities” by Wade Graham
“Lovers” by Rod Nordland
“Originals” by Adam Grant
“Strengths-Based Parenting” by Mary Reckmeyer
“1924” by Peter Range
“And Then All Hell Broke Loose” by Richard Engel
“Bio-Young” by Roxy Dillon
“Cancer In The Family” by Theodora Ross
“Industries Of The Future” by Alex Ross
“Into The Magic Shop” by James Doty
“Brotherhood In Death” by J.D. Robb
“Cellar” by Minette Walters
“Coconut Cowboy” by Tim Dorsey
“Ex” by Alafair Burke
“Honky Tonk Samurai” by Joe Lansdale
“Illegal” by Lawrence Hill
“Plague Of Thieves Affair” by Marcia Muller
“Prisoner In Malta” by Phillip DePoy
“Shaker” by Scott Frank
“Spring At Moss Hill” by Carla Neggers
“Summit Lake” by Charlie Donlea
“Swans Of Fifth Avenue” by Melanie Benjamin
“Where It Hurts” by Reed Coleman
“No More Mr. Nice Guy” by Carl Weber
“Criminal Magic” by Lee Kelly
“Find Her” by Lisa Gardner
“Gentleman Jole And The Red Queen” by Lois Bujold
“Girl Through Glass” by Sari Wilson
“High Mountains Of Portugal” by Yann Martel
“Missing Pieces” by Heather Gudenkauf
“Morning Star” by Pierce Brown

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United Methodist, Arm Chair Theologian, Librarian, INFJ

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