New Titles @ your library!

Custer’s Trials” by T.J. Stiles
The Death Of Cancer” by Vincent DeVita
The Emmaus Code” by David Limbaugh
The Health Gap” by Michael Marmot
Hunt For Vulcan” by Thomas Levenson
John Le Carre” by Adam Sisman
A Just And Generous Nation” by Harold Holzer
The Lion Of Sabray” by Patrick Robinson
Sam Phillips” by Peter Guralnick
Soul Machine” by George Makari
Spooky Action At A Distance” by George Musser
Old West” by Stephen Hyslop
Time Of Our Lives” by Peggy Noonan
Find A Way” by Diana Nyad
Cape Light” by Katherine Spencer
Chocolate Falcon Fraud” by JoAnna Carl
Cloud Collector” by Brian Freemantle
Crossing” by Michael Connelly
Dead Ringers” by Christopher Golden
Gold Eaters” by Ronald Wright
Golem Of Paris” by Jonathan Kellerman
Japanese Lover” by Isabel Allende
Made To Kill” by Adam Christopher
Magic Strings of Frankie Presto” by Mitch Albom
Numero Zero” by Umberto Eco
Recipes For Love And Murder” by Sally Andrew
Shopaholic To The Rescue” by Sophie Kinsella
Solar Express” by L.E. Modesitt
Sword Of Honor” by David Kirk
Trimmed With Murder” by Sally Goldenbaum
Miss Ruffles Inherits Everything” by Nancy Martin

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United Methodist, Arm Chair Theologian, Librarian, INFJ

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