New titles at MCCPL

How To Be Right” by Greg Gutfeld
Saving Capitalism” by Robert Reich
Wildflower” by Drew Barrymore
Prisoners Of Geography” by Tim Marshall
50 Years, 50 Moments” by Jerry Rice
Above The Line” by Urban Meyer
Brand Luther” by Andrew Pettegree
The Comedians” by Kliph Nesteroff
Death And Mr. Pickwick” by Stephen Jarvis
Desert And The Blade” by S.M. Stirling
Foreign Affairs” by Stuart Woods
The Gilded Life Of Matilda Duplaine” by Alex Brunkhorst
Girl Waits With Gun” by Amy Stewart
Hidden” by Heather Graham
Irish Country Christmas” by Patrick Taylor
The Long And Faraway Gone” by Louis Berney
Minute Zero” by Todd Moss
Only A Kiss” by Mary Balogh
The Patriarch” by Martin Walker
Pretending To Dance” by Diane Chamberlain
The Royal We” by Heather Cocks
The Secret Chord” by Geraldine Brooks
Sorcerer To The Crown” by Zen Cho
Spy House” by Matthew Dunn
Tough Love” by Lori Foster
Who Let The Dog Out” by David Rosenfelt
Rogue Lawyer” by John Grisham
Banquet Of Consequences” by Elizabeth George
Bittersweet Dreams” by V.C. Andrews
Christmas Bells” by Jennifer Chiaverini

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United Methodist, Arm Chair Theologian, Librarian, INFJ

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